Fluke Forces

Dolphins prove that they rely on muscle power, rather than a trick of fluid dynamics, to race through water at high speeds.

Stem Cell Alter Egos

Researchers show that cancer stem cells can exist in two distinct and interconvertible states.

New Blood, circa 1914

World War I provided testing grounds for novel blood-transfusion techniques.

Elusive Receptor ID’d

Scientists identify an extracellular ATP receptor in plants.

News & Opinion

Covering the life sciences inside and out

The surgically implanted device can be tweaked to provide short electric bursts that send a nerve-growing gene into local cells, a study on guinea pigs shows.

A detailed analysis of sex chromosomes finds unexpected evolution of functional Y chromosome genes across species.

Experts are skeptical about the effectiveness of games that claim to improve cognitive function. 

In mice, boosting depression-causing activity in neurons can actually reverse depressive symptoms.

The Nutshell

Daily News Roundup

With high-speed cameras, scientists find that sailfish use their bills to corral and slash other fish, like schooling sardines.

Swabbing cash circulating in New York City reveals more than 3,000 different types of bacteria.

An oceanic quacking sound—unidentified for 50 years—turns out to be minke whales.

Critics claim updated analysis of antiviral medication was statistically weak and based on unreliable randomized clinical trial data.

Current Issue

April 2014

Using patients’ own immune systems to fight cancer

A dramatic loss of copper in key brain regions may be central to Alzheimer’s disease. Could restoring metals in the brain help?

In the face of bacterial threats that can evade modern medicines, researchers are trying every trick in the book to develop new, effective antibiotics.


Video, Slideshows, Infographics

The professor of molecular biology and biochemistry at Simon Fraser University is also an accomplished painter.

Architecture student-turned-artist Macato Murayama creates beautiful images inspired by the intricate anatomy of flowers.

The Marketplace

New Product Press Releases

Xylem’s YSI Life Sciences help to optimize and control bioprocessing and life sciences applications.

Clearer and Faster Visualization of Disease Markers in Tissue

New preparations are designed for inclusivity/exclusivity testing, establishing limits of detection, and validating or comparing test methods.

image: New Peristaltic Pump

New Peristaltic Pump


Delivers Unparalleled Flexibility in Fluid Transfer

image: NEW Small Animal Treadmills

NEW Small Animal Treadmills


Line of high performance Small Animal Treadmills.

image: EarlyTox Cell Integrity Assay Kit

EarlyTox Cell Integrity Assay Kit


A new cell viability assay from Molecular Devices.

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I couldn't recommend that a young US student consider majoring in biology and plan on a career including research. I'm agnostic about whether we have too many biologists, too little grant money, or both.

- wctopp, New Resubmission Policy at NIH
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