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Four products have already qualified for the regenerative medicine advanced therapy (RMAT) designation that provides extra interactions with the agency, and sooner.

Genetically engineered "disco bacteria" sense and respond to different colors of light, creating both stunning art in the culture dish and new possibilities for synthetic biology.

Transcript abundance isn’t a reliable indicator of protein quantity, contrary to studies’ suggestions. 

Using brain scans and methylation markers, scientists develop ways to assess neurologic aging in humans.

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The mosquitoes that carry Zika may be able to transmit two other viruses at the same time.

Rare genetic variants could blunt efforts to destroy pest populations. 

As the climate warms, moss growth dramatically spreads on the continent’s peninsula. 

Scientists think these apes switch to breastfeeding during periods of food scarcity.

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May 2017

Issue Cover: Rapid Evolution

The proteasome’s ability to target and degrade specific proteins is proving useful to researchers studying protein function or developing treatments for diseases.

Understanding how people recognize and control their own bodies could help researchers develop therapies for those who’ve lost their sense of self.

From fish harvests to cottonwood forests, organisms display evidence that species change can occur on timescales that can influence ecological processes.

The scientific community struggles to define the duties of collaborators in assuring the integrity of published research.


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Watch Komodo dragons bring down a buffalo.

May Profilee Ben Barres of Stanford University discusses how understanding the basic biology of myelination could help patients with multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

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Presents its latest generation of patented cooling module for Precellys® Evolution homogenizers: the Cryolys® Evolution.

New Stem Cell Collection Center to meet the growing demand of its products.

VIAFLO 96 multichannel electronic pipette has been adopted by Neoteryx LLC

Today announced it has launched a new version of its Gyrolab™ Protein A Kit.

Providing a flexible tool for development and optimization of sandwich ELISA assays.

New Thermo Scientific blood cell washer enhances reliability, ease of use and sample safety  

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