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The Broad Institute and Rockefeller University disagree over which scientists should be named as inventors on certain patents involving the gene-editing technology.

A patent dispute over CRISPR highlights the need for scientists to agree on IP ownership early.

Biogen’s aducanumab reduces amyloid-β plaques in a dose-dependent manner, according to interim results of a Phase 1b clinical trial.

Host and bacterial ligands that interact with the same cell-surface receptor induce different activities in human macrophages. 

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One of the pioneers in developing fluorescent proteins for biological studies was 64 years old.

A commercially available glioblastoma cell line appears to be from a different source than its stated origins.

Using an MRI scanner to examine how dogs’ brains process speech, researchers find that our canine companions hear both what we say and how we say it. 

An analysis of bone fractures in the famous hominid’s fossil remains suggest that she stretched out her arms to brace for a fall before she died.

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August 2016

Issue Cover: Human Evolution

Do the portions of our genomes that set us apart from other animals hold the secret to human evolution?

The emergence of blood abnormalities, an adult ability to digest milk, and changes in our physical appearance point to the continued evolution of the human race.

As researchers sequence the DNA of thousands of kids with autism, dozens of genetic subgroups are emerging.

From sequencing bacteriophages to synthesizing bacterial genomes to defining a minimal genome


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Animals have receptors for feeling gravity, fluid flow, heat, and electric and magnetic fields.

Watch scenes from research at the University of South Florida's Mote Marine Laboratory, where scientists saw what happened when they knocked out sharks' electroreception.

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of the AIM-9000 infrared microscope.

The New Standard in Microwave Digestion Temperature Measurement

Asynt have introduced the CondenSyn Mini 

AMSBIO has introduced Cultrex® Organoid Progenitor Cells derived from normal, healthy mouse small intestine tissue... 

The Ultravap Levante  is a next generation nitrogen blowdown evaporator.  

INTEGRA announces a new generation version of its popular VOYAGER pipette range...

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