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A plasmid-based vaccine against the virus is immunogenic in mice and protects Rhesus macaques against infection, researchers report.

Caffeine-producing plants use three different biochemical pathways and two different enzyme families to make the same molecule.

Policymakers’ choice of seawater intakes highlights California’s troubling embrace of unproven technologies.

Congressional inaction when it comes to extending funding for a major outbreak may endanger the health of thousands of Americans.

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Congress’s failure to fund Zika response; another DNA vaccine against Zika shows promise; convergent evolution of caffeine production in plants; MacArthur “Geniuses” announced; Thomson Reuters issues Nobel predictions

Among this year’s 23 MacArthur Foundation Fellows are pioneering biologists.

The National Institutes of Health is hosting a two-day conference on how the virus affects infants and children. The take-home message so far: microcephaly is but one of many potential problems for Zika-exposed fetuses.

A university investigation has so far found no wrongdoing by the principal investigator.

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September 2016

Issue Cover: Beyond The Basic Five

Knowing where our bodies are in space is critical for the control of our movements and for our sense of self.

From detecting gravity and the Earth’s magnetic field to feeling heat and the movement of water around them, animals can do more than just see, smell, touch, taste, and hear.

Odor, taste, and light receptors are present in many different parts of the body, and they have surprisingly diverse functions.

Forget what you learned about humans having five senses. That goes double for non-human animals.


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Animals have receptors for feeling gravity, fluid flow, heat, and electric and magnetic fields.

Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel talks about how our brains perceive and understand works of art.

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