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Rare and hard-fought academic partnerships are left in limbo.

Forensic experts explain. 

A new study adds to the evidence that mammalian cells can use small interfering RNAs to defend against viruses, but questions remain about physiological importance.

Tissue “seeds” made up of three cell types and patterned onto a scaffold develop into complex structures with some organ function, researchers show.

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Another case of HIV remission emerges, this time in a South African girl diagnosed as an infant and disease-free for more than eight years.

Carmen Puliafito, once a renowned ophthalmologist and professor, engaged in illicit drug use and partied with prostitutes.

Their waters served as refuges during ice ages, allowing for adaptation and the emergence of new species.

Most of the authors have had papers pulled in the past.

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July/August 2017

Issue Cover: DNA Erector Sets

The versatility of geometric shapes made from the nucleic acid are proving useful in a wide variety of fields from molecular computation to biology to medicine.

Researchers are discovering a suite of new locations and functions of endocannabinoid receptors that play roles in sickness and in health.

Recent research has revealed many surprises about circular RNAs, from findings that they are translated in vivo to links between their expression and disease.

 Phage therapy is but one example of using biological entities to reduce our reliance on antibiotics and other failing chemical solutions.


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Will complex, folded synthetic DNA molecules one day serve as capsules to deliver drugs to cancer cells?

Former NOAA administrator and zoologist Jane Lunchenco discusses the importance of science in the face of climate change.

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DNA Genotek microbiome collection and stabilization kits ensure that your microbiome profiles represent the phenotype of interest, not artifacts.

Thermo Scientific Sterilin containers are suitable for molecular biology, genomic and forensic applications

For researchers who want the flexibility to experiment with their RPA assay configurations

Science T-shirts: The perfect all-weather garment

Today announced the launch of ddPCR Genome Edit Detection Assays

Horizon’s reference standards supported an assay development and subsequent clinical trial

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To not allow courts to consider such cases would lead to further claims by conspiracy types claiming cover ups by the establishment. If courts truly weigh the evidence even that by experts spurious cases will surely fail.

-Gary Simpson, commenting on the recent decision by the EU's highest court to admit vaccine damage cases absent scientific evidence of harm
European Court OKs Vaccine Lawsuits Lacking Proof