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Research efforts aim to obviate the need for vaccine refrigeration.

US scientists continue to have a hard time getting funding to study the health impacts of the drug. But cannabis research in Canada—where medical marijuana is legal nationwide—is different story.

Researchers generate an organism that can replicate artificial base pairs indefinitely.

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Genome Digest


What researchers are learning as they sequence, map, and decode species’ genomes

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Statisticians debunk a 2013 study by scientists at a Swiss agrochemical company, which had reported that a neonicotinoid pesticide posed a low risk to honeybees.  

Study of 81 six-week-olds who were born by C-section or vaginal delivery didn’t show differences in the structure or function of their microbiota, despite contrary results from other studies on babies. 

The facility—the first of its kind in Europe—will help researchers study what happens to decomposing bodies.

Preprint editors; why cancer studies are hard to replicate; predicting new protein structures; toward a virus-free polio vaccine; Obama’s science legacy; defending tenure

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January 2017

Issue Cover: Driving Out Disease

Meet the researchers working to untangle the mystery of a Missouri home filled with bones by bringing cutting-edge technologies into the crime lab.

An entire industry has sprung up around resurrecting failed drugs and recycling existing compounds for novel indications.

Introducing genetic changes into mosquito populations could be key to effective malaria control.

Researchers and institutions seek to bridge the gap between emerging life science professionals and available positions.


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Anole lizards inhabiting the Caribbean islands display some of the key principles of evolution.

Forensic scientists have been using rudimentary molecular techniques for decades. But advanced forensic anthropology technologies and methods are just now coming to the fore in some investigations.

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DeNovix Inc. introduces the DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer 

New liquid handling platform to reduce assay development time and improve assay robsutness in high throughput screening 

The first chemically-defined, animal component-free, cell culture medium for T cells.

This application note reviews the need for a qPCR thermal cycler with block homogeneity and temperature control accuracy to ensure the reliable and reproducible analysis of a wide variety of sample volumes without any differences in final results.

AMSBIO announce a new range of ready-to-use adeno-associated virus (AAV) biosensor products

New ZEISS Axiocam models complement camera portfolio

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    The lesson here is for scientists to be watchful and very, very vocal in the defense of the research enterprise. No more can the phrase “the science will speak for itself” be uttered from any responsible scientist.

- Paul Stein, House Panel: Defund Studies on Fetal Tissue Obtained from Abortions