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More papers correlate with top-cited research for more-established academics, but not newly minted professors, according to a study.  

image: Circadian-Controlled Thirst

Circadian-Controlled Thirst


Scientists determine how the brain’s central clock regulates drinking prior to sleep in rodents.

image: Behavior Brief

Behavior Brief


A round-up of recent discoveries in behavior research

A plasmid-based vaccine against the virus is immunogenic in mice and protects Rhesus macaques against infection, researchers report.

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Researchers report conflicting results.

Scientists in Mexico achieved the infant’s conception using mitochondrial replacement therapy. 

An agency scientist who accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of suppressing disagreements over the accuracy of a diagnostic test obtains whistleblower protection.

Researchers identify aspects of the patient, the virus, and the infection itself that influence whether a person with HIV will produce broadly neutralizing antibodies.

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September 2016

Issue Cover: Beyond The Basic Five

Knowing where our bodies are in space is critical for the control of our movements and for our sense of self.

From detecting gravity and the Earth’s magnetic field to feeling heat and the movement of water around them, animals can do more than just see, smell, touch, taste, and hear.

Odor, taste, and light receptors are present in many different parts of the body, and they have surprisingly diverse functions.

Forget what you learned about humans having five senses. That goes double for non-human animals.


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Animals have receptors for feeling gravity, fluid flow, heat, and electric and magnetic fields.

Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel talks about how our brains perceive and understand works of art.

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Launch of the single- use ultrafilter Sartocon?­® Slice 50

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  1. Monsanto Buys Rights to CRISPR
    The Nutshell Monsanto Buys Rights to CRISPR

    The US agribusiness secures a global, nonexclusive licensing agreement from the Broad Institute to use the gene-editing technology for agricultural applications.

  2. How Plants Evolved Different Ways to Make Caffeine
  3. Thomson Reuters Predicts Nobelists
    The Nutshell Thomson Reuters Predicts Nobelists

    According to citation statistics, researchers behind programmed cell death pathways and CRISPR/Cas9 are among those in line for Nobel Prizes this year.

  4. ESP on Trial
    Foundations ESP on Trial

    In the 1930s, parapsychologist Joseph Banks Rhine aimed to use scientific methods to confirm the existence of extrasensory perception, but faced criticisms of dubious analyses and irreproducible results.

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    Negative results are good results, positive results are good results, bad results just come from bad lab practice.

- SYNBIO Jo, The Zombie Literature