The Great Big Clean-Up

From tossing out cross-contaminated cell lines to flagging genomic misnomers, a push is on to tidy up biomedical research.

Rethinking Lymphatic Development

Four studies identify alternative origins for cells of the developing lymphatic system.

Good Vibrations

Does a delicately orchestrated balance between quantum and classical physics distinguish living from nonliving things?

Get With the Program

DIY tips for adding coding to your analysis arsenal

Putting Phytoremediation into Action

On the use of bacteria and plants to remove toxins from the soil

Capsule Reviews

Gods of the Morning, Hedonic Eating, A Beautiful Question, and Genomic Messages

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Covering the life sciences inside and out

image: Adapting to Elevated CO<sub>2</sub>

Adapting to Elevated CO2


High carbon dioxide levels can irreversibly rev up a cyanobacterium’s ability to fix nitrogen over the long term, a study finds.

The consumption of p-coumaric acid, a chemical found in honey and pollen, may help set a female honeybee on its course to becoming a worker instead of a queen.

Scientists have developed an interlocking cell scaffold for easy building and dismantling of tissues.

Mice fed a diet high in saturated fat show shifts in their gut microbes and develop obesity-related inflammation.

The Nutshell

Daily News Roundup

Researchers confirm that some microscopic imprints in fossilized dinosaur feathers are pockets of melanin.

Neuroscientist Brandon Stell identifies himself as one of the creators of the post-publication peer review website, as he and his colleagues announce the nonprofit PubPeer Foundation.

Researchers react to the finding that most of 100 studies recently analyzed were not reproducible.

The neurologist and author had written about his recent experiences being “face to face with dying.”

Current Issue

September 2015

The form and function of the ears of modern land vertebrates cannot be understood without knowing how they evolved.

For decades, the only remedies for hearing loss were devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants. Now, the first pharmaceutical treatments may be on the way.  

From tossing out cross-contaminated cell lines to flagging genomic misnomers, a push is on to tidy up biomedical research.

Reviving a decades-old hypothesis of autoimmunity


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Watch the coelacanth documentary that fish biologist Eric Parmentier and filmmaker Laurent Ballesta were making when they discovered and recorded a world of undersea sound

James Hudspeth talks brain processing and hearing in this video from Rockefeller University.

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Usher in a new era of powder weighing and containment technology.

The unique Krystal 2000 microplate range from Porvair Sciences.

Analytik Jena Introduces the World’s First Hepatitis D Virus Test with CE-IVD Certification. 

New Chip Prep Module Streamlines Workflow and Reduces Hands-On Time.

Asynt ChilliBlock System.

Smooth Operator– TransferMan® 4m for Successful Cell Manipulation in IVF.

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    Alice Dreger is resigning from the faculty of Northwestern University, claiming that the administration censored her work in a faculty journal.

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Marie-Paule Kieny started off her comment oh so right, but then continued oh so wrong.  In this case, forget the bioethicists. Kieny should have said, "We need to tell the bioethicists that there is no other choice."

- Unknown, Bioethics of Experimental Ebola Treatments