The Mycobiome

The largely overlooked resident fungal community plays a critical role in human health and disease.


A synthetic interview with the father of evolutionary theory, now available as a smartphone app, teaches students and the public about the famed biologist.

Keep Off the Grass

Ecologists focused on grasslands urge policymakers to keep forestation efforts in check.

Hydropowered Pollen

A tension-sensing ion channel regulates hydration and germination in pollen.

Hormone Hangover

Medication to prevent prematurity in humans harms cognitive flexibility in rats.

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Ancient DNA in the genomes of modern humans influences a range of physiological traits.

Scientists identify the brain circuits with which newly hatched nematodes form and retrieve a lifelong aversive olfactory memory.

Inhibiting the activity of a protein involved in the body’s stress response can ease chronic pain in mice.

In mice, cancer cells genetically modified to express an anticancer cytokine home to tumors and can reduce their growth. 

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Reproducibility edition

Suvi Orr has filed suit against the University of Texas for the second time in two years in an attempt to prevent the school from revoking her PhD.

But some critics say the President relies too heavily on mandatory funding to support the biomedical research enterprise.

A review of four years’ worth of medical records finds far greater numbers of microcephaly cases from before the ongoing Zika virus epidemic than had been officially reported.

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February 2016

Issue Cover: Plant Immunity

Nucleic acid aptamers and protein scaffolds could change the way researchers study biological processes and treat disease.

To protect the global food supply, scientists want to understand—and enhance—plants’ natural resistance to pathogens.

The largely overlooked resident fungal community plays a critical role in human health and disease.

What Should a Clever Moose Eat?, The Illusion of God's Presence, GMO Sapiens, and Why We Snap


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See a preview of the app that lets you ask questions of a virtual Charles Darwin.

Watch footage from the public dissection of Marius, the young giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo who was ultimately fed to predators at the facility. (CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

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New -70°C walk-in chamber available for outsourced biostorage

Mystaire Inc, announces the release of the latest in Filtered Chemical Workstation technology.

Conduct your stereotaxic surgery on mice and rats with ultimate precision and repeatability.

A fully automated affinity purification solution

In Collaboration with The Wistar Institute

To Develop and Commercialize RNAscope-based Diagnostic and Companion Diagnostic Tests

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    The largely overlooked resident fungal community plays a critical role in human health and disease.

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    Whether a critical circadian clock gene is deleted before or after birth impacts the observed aging-related effects in mice.

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Bertin Technologies

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The expectations that young researchers will have access to large grants early in their careers is fantasy. . . . It's just math—there are way more postdocs than available teaching positions. 

- Natick4, Opinion: The Postdoc Crisis
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