Top 10 Innovations 2016

This year’s list of winners celebrates both large leaps and small (but important) steps in life science technology.

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image: PubPeer Wins Appeal on Anonymous Comments

PubPeer Wins Appeal on Anonymous Comments

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The Michigan Court of Appeals rules that anonymous commenters on the post-publication peer review website are protected under the First Amendment.

In a mouse model, researchers mitigated three Alzheimer’s disease–associated symptoms by stimulating gamma waves with light.

Increasing the expression of an RNA splicing factor mimics dietary restriction, prolonging life in nematodes. 

The highly publicized legal fight over the intellectual property rights for CRISPR gene-editing technology comes to a head, as both sides present oral arguments.

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An analysis of ancient fish fossils suggests that mammalian and fish tails are fundamentally different structures, each with unique evolutionary histories.

Evidence of resistance to a “last-resort” drug for antibiotic-resistant bacteria is discovered among farm animals for the first time.

As Inauguration Day nears, scientists and science advocates are voicing their unease with the Trump Administration’s potential effects on research.

Melvin Grumbach, a clinician and researcher who described the hormonal dynamics of puberty and numerous endocrine disorders, has passed away at age 90.

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December 2016

Issue Cover: Traffic Cops

Solving a long-standing structural puzzle will open the door to understanding one of the cell’s most enigmatic machines.

Researchers are abandoning the concept of a list of genes sequenced from a single individual, instead aiming for a way to describe all the genetic variation within a species.

This year’s list of winners celebrates both large leaps and small (but important) steps in life science technology.

Scientists are enlisting the help of pigeons, parrots, crows, jays, and other species to disprove the notion that human cognitive abilities are beyond those of other animals.


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Highlights from the American Society for Cell Biology’s 2016 video grant competition

To make sense of the genetic variation within species, researchers are turning to the concept of the pangenome.

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This application note reviews how hollow fiber bioreactors can be used to culture cells at tissue-like densities over long periods of time.

Download this application note for tips on measuring pH accurately while minimizing sample size and sample manipulation. 

Enables detailed control in thawing of cell and gene therapies

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and Genomics plc first to sequence multiple human genomes

MEDIAJET from INTEGRA offers the unique flexibility to fill Petri dishes of various sizes

The two tube sizes are the first in a range of new designs featuring an external thread.

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    This year’s list of winners celebrates both large leaps and small (but important) steps in life science technology.

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