Hidden Menace

Curing HIV means finding and eradicating viruses still lurking in the shadows.

Early AIDS Messages

Early HIV/AIDS posters raised awareness about the disease and later encouraged behavioral changes to prevent its spread.

Miraculous Activist

Timothy Ray Brown, commonly referred to as the “Berlin patient,” does not want to be the only person cured of AIDS.

Seeded by Weeds

More than 50 years after cross-contamination of cultured cell lines was recognized, the problem continues to plague the scientific community.

News & Opinion

Covering the life sciences inside and out

Deep-sea microbes possess hallmarks of eukaryotic cells, hinting at a common ancestor for archaea and eukaryotes.

image: New Stem Cell Identified

New Stem Cell Identified


Researchers isolate an easy-to-manipulate, stable, and spatially distinct pluripotent cell type.  

A study shows that the hippocampus selects which information to send, and where, during different behaviors.

Researchers inject retinal support cells derived from human embryonic stem cells into the eyes of four men with macular degeneration, bolstering evidence of the experimental treatment’s safety.

The Nutshell

Daily News Roundup

Alexander Rich, discoverer of Z-DNA, RNA-DNA double helix, and the structure of collagen, has passed away at age 90.

Fossils of a new species discovered in China suggest birds developed 6 million years earlier than previously thought.

Researchers use the genome-editing tool to manipulate cultured human endothelial cells.

Participants of two gene-therapy trials who experienced partial restoration of sight following treatment are now losing their vision once again.

Current Issue

May 2015

Curing HIV means finding and eradicating viruses still lurking in the shadows.

Recent discoveries are spurring a renaissance in HIV vaccine research and development.

As researchers conduct the most rigorous human trials of cardiac cell therapies yet attempted, a clear picture of whether these treatments actually work is imminent.

A retired entomologist discovers a world of behavioral diversity in the courtship rituals of a well-studied moth species.


Video, Slideshows, Infographics

Timothy Ray Brown, the first and only patient to ever be cured of AIDS, is bringing his message of to the effort to find a more widespread solution to the AIDS epidemic.

An animated primer on the harvesting, growth, and administration of cardiac cells to heart attack patients

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For Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research

The New Model Offers Lasers Configured Specifically for Immunologists

Allows Scientists to Upgrade Instrument Capabilities as Needed

Accelerate international collaboration and commission a global monitoring framework with a secure computing platform hosted by AWS

Features user friendly touchscreen operation which enables a wide range of programmed injection applications.

Personal cytometer for life science research, bioprocessing, water quality and many other applications.

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Marie-Paule Kieny started off her comment oh so right, but then continued oh so wrong.  In this case, forget the bioethicists. Kieny should have said, "We need to tell the bioethicists that there is no other choice."

- Unknown, Bioethics of Experimental Ebola Treatments