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Behavior Brief


A round-up of recent discoveries in behavior research

A plasmid-based vaccine against the virus is immunogenic in mice and protects Rhesus macaques against infection, researchers report.

Caffeine-producing plants use three different biochemical pathways and two different enzyme families to make the same molecule.

Policymakers’ choice of seawater intakes highlights California’s troubling embrace of unproven technologies.

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The US agribusiness secures a global, nonexclusive licensing agreement from the Broad Institute to use the gene-editing technology for agricultural applications.

World leaders agree to fight superbugs; researchers edit human embryos; peer reviewers’ motivations

Studies on the sex lives of rats and the personality of rocks are among the projects celebrated this year.

A trio of genetic studies on seldom-studied indigenous populations points to a single wave of migration as humanity wandered from its evolutionary homeland into the rest of the world.

Current Issue

September 2016

Issue Cover: Beyond The Basic Five

Knowing where our bodies are in space is critical for the control of our movements and for our sense of self.

From detecting gravity and the Earth’s magnetic field to feeling heat and the movement of water around them, animals can do more than just see, smell, touch, taste, and hear.

Odor, taste, and light receptors are present in many different parts of the body, and they have surprisingly diverse functions.

Forget what you learned about humans having five senses. That goes double for non-human animals.


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Animals have receptors for feeling gravity, fluid flow, heat, and electric and magnetic fields.

Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel talks about how our brains perceive and understand works of art.

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Cellectricon and Censo Biotechnologies collaborate to offer high-quality Human iPSC-based discovery services for CNS and pain research

Launch of the single- use ultrafilter Sartocon?­® Slice 50

NEW Chilling/Heating Dry Bath; 2 Blocks at 2 Temperatures  

Unique antibody purification system compatible with any conjugation technology 

A new plate holder enabling 1536-well pipetting on its VIAFLO 384 electronic handheld pipette. 

The Prior Scientific H112 microscope stage offers a travel range of over 300 x 300 mm...

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    Negative results are good results, positive results are good results, bad results just come from bad lab practice.

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