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The genomes of two species of water bears reveal clues about how they persist in extreme conditions, yet don’t resolve the animals’ debated evolutionary story.

Two freely available databases include data on hundreds of human cancer cell lines. 

The technique, demonstrated in mice using engineered mesenchymal stem cells, has potential for both diagnosis and treatment.

Once implanted into animals’ brains, neural stem cells that secrete microRNA-containing vesicles seem to contribute to an anti-aging effect.

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Mouse organoids reveal that a protein active during embryonic development joins forces with gene enhancers to revert cancer cells to an earlier developmental state.

The embryos, whose genes were altered by CRISPR, were not intended for implantation. 

Researchers have criticized their countries’ initiatives, which some suspect were launched in reaction to a perceived anti-science sentiment from the Trump administration.

The University of California files a brief in its appeal challenging the ruling that the Broad Institute’s group would retain its CRISPR genome-editing patent.

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July/August 2017

Issue Cover: DNA Erector Sets

The versatility of geometric shapes made from the nucleic acid are proving useful in a wide variety of fields from molecular computation to biology to medicine.

Researchers are discovering a suite of new locations and functions of endocannabinoid receptors that play roles in sickness and in health.

Recent research has revealed many surprises about circular RNAs, from findings that they are translated in vivo to links between their expression and disease.

 Phage therapy is but one example of using biological entities to reduce our reliance on antibiotics and other failing chemical solutions.


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Will complex, folded synthetic DNA molecules one day serve as capsules to deliver drugs to cancer cells?

Former NOAA administrator and zoologist Jane Lunchenco discusses the importance of science in the face of climate change.

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    Researchers are discovering a suite of new locations and functions of endocannabinoid receptors that play roles in sickness and in health.

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"all the work was done in Economou's lab, not mine. I have no idea what exactly took place."

Oh. So what does your name on the author's list mean?

JC Nelson, commenting on a coauthor's assertion that his involvement was minimal in a bevy of research papers that were recently retracted for image duplication.

Studies Retracted After UCLA Investigation