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Reactions that generate fundamental components of the cell run smoothly in microdroplets, study shows.

Researchers identify 72 novel genetic variants associated with breast cancer risk.

New evidence suggests e-cigarettes are not without risks to human health, but can be useful in getting people to kick their smoking habit.

A 27-year-long study finds insect biomass has declined by about 75 percent. 

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Professionals in the genetics field generally support editing the genomes of somatic cells, mirroring public opinion, but diverge from nonexperts when it comes to germline editing.

A group evaluating glyphosate’s cancer risk omitted evidence that the chemical is not carcinogenic.

A handful of infants in a neonatal intensive care unit who were diagnosed with rare diseases using whole-genome sequencing had shorter hospital stays and better health outcomes, researchers find.

The therapy, produced by Kite Pharma and owned by Gilead Sciences, is approved for use against some types of large B-cell lymphomas. 

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October 2017

Issue Cover: A Natural Archive

A few kilograms of DNA could theoretically store all of humanity’s data, but there are practical challenges to overcome.

Emerging infections provide clues about how pathogens might evolve when farm animals are protected from infection.

From guiding branching neurons in the developing brain to maintaining a healthy heartbeat, there seems to be no job that the immune cells can’t tackle.

Researchers explore genetic engineering to produce super-tough fibers.


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Daniel Kish, who is blind, uses vocal clicks to navigate the world by echolocation.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has genetically engineered a silkworm to spin spider silk, which might be used for futuristic products.

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Sphere Fluidics approached TTP to address the challenges associated with the development of a highly complex laboratory instrument and microfluidic cartridge. 

Hotpack Stability Chambers are used in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and cosmetic industries to test the resilience of product samples under controlled temperature and humidity variables.

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    New evidence suggests e-cigarettes are not without risks to human health, but can be useful in getting people to kick their smoking habit.

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Sad day for the research community on cell division. What a disservice to science.

Sonia Rossell, commenting on The Scientist's Facebook page about renowned Univeristy of Tokyo cell biologist Yoshinori Watanabe being found guilty of manipulating images in five research papers from his lab.

Investigation Finds Cell Biologist Guilty of Misconduct