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Disrupting the light/dark cycles of pregnant mice, researchers observe detrimental effects in the mouths of the animals’ pups.

Three therapeutic doses administered during early life disturb the animals’ microbiomes and lead to enduring changes in the immune systems of non-obese diabetic mice, researchers report.

A mouse study shows that the virus has tropism for adult proliferative neural progenitor cells and immature neurons.

Scientists design a bacterial genome with only 57 codons.

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Applying a mechanical force that pulls on a cell stretches chromatin, facilitating transcription, scientists show.

Scientists improve upon the optical microscope using a readily available natural material.

“Ultimate DISCO” uses a solvent that shrinks whole animals and preserves fluorescence for months.

Donald Henderson, who led the World Health Organization’s fight against the disease in the 1960s and ’70s, has passed away at age 87.

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August 2016

Issue Cover: Human Evolution

Do the portions of our genomes that set us apart from other animals hold the secret to human evolution?

The emergence of blood abnormalities, an adult ability to digest milk, and changes in our physical appearance point to the continued evolution of the human race.

As researchers sequence the DNA of thousands of kids with autism, dozens of genetic subgroups are emerging.

From sequencing bacteriophages to synthesizing bacterial genomes to defining a minimal genome


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Scientist to Watch Cullen Buie, MIT researcher, talks about his quest to devise a method for quickly determining the pathogenicity of microbes.

Biologist Carin Bondar delivers a TED talk about the wilder side of sex.

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The New Standard in Microwave Digestion Temperature Measurement

Asynt have introduced the CondenSyn Mini 

AMSBIO has introduced Cultrex® Organoid Progenitor Cells derived from normal, healthy mouse small intestine tissue... 

The Ultravap Levante  is a next generation nitrogen blowdown evaporator.  

INTEGRA announces a new generation version of its popular VOYAGER pipette range...

The H101A ProScan® motorised stage is adaptable to virtually any upright / stereo microscope or optical system.  

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