Rethinking Lymphatic Development

Four studies identify alternative origins for cells of the developing lymphatic system.

Good Vibrations

Does a delicately orchestrated balance between quantum and classical physics distinguish living from nonliving things?

Get With the Program

DIY tips for adding coding to your analysis arsenal

Putting Phytoremediation into Action

On the use of bacteria and plants to remove toxins from the soil

Capsule Reviews

Gods of the Morning, Hedonic Eating, A Beautiful Question, and Genomic Messages

News & Opinion

Covering the life sciences inside and out

Mice fed a diet high in saturated fat show shifts in their gut microbes and develop obesity-related inflammation.

image: Q&A: Placental Ponderings

Q&A: Placental Ponderings


Biologist Christopher Coe answers readers’ questions about the prescient organ

image: Opinion: Engineering the Epigenome

Opinion: Engineering the Epigenome

By , , and

The use of targetable chromatin modifiers has ushered in a new era of functional epigenomics.

image: Mitochondria Exchange

Mitochondria Exchange


A decade of research on intercellular mitochondrial transfer has answered some long-standing questions and raised new ones.

The Nutshell

Daily News Roundup

Alice Dreger is resigning from the faculty of Northwestern University, claiming that the administration censored her work in a faculty journal.

Scientific journals that publish papers with snappier titles accrue more citations per paper, according to a report.

The fungal and bacterial communities in household dust can reveal some details about a building’s inhabitants.

The executive director of the California Academy of Sciences says it’s “the right thing to do.”

Current Issue

August 2015

Humans have spiked ecosystems with a flood of active pharmaceuticals. The drugs are feminizing male fish, confusing birds, and worrying scientists.

Researchers are borrowing designs from the natural world to advance biomedicine.

The maternal-fetal interface plays important roles in the health of both mother and baby, even after birth.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of an autopsy report describing the first known case of a sexual development disorder.


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A sampling of the biggest acquisitions reshaping the life sciences industry in 2015

Clash over Climate Change

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New Product Press Releases

Analytik Jena Introduces the World’s First Hepatitis D Virus Test with CE-IVD Certification. 

New Chip Prep Module Streamlines Workflow and Reduces Hands-On Time.

Asynt ChilliBlock System.

Smooth Operator– TransferMan® 4m for Successful Cell Manipulation in IVF.

Range of antibodies to cardiac biomarkers conjugated to enzymes, fluorescent dyes and nanoparticles.

Novel design algorithm delivers an exceptional range of synthetic CRISPR RNAs 


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  2. A Case of Sexual Ambiguity, 1865
    Foundations A Case of Sexual Ambiguity, 1865

    This year marks the 150th anniversary of an autopsy report describing the first known case of a sexual development disorder.

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Marie-Paule Kieny started off her comment oh so right, but then continued oh so wrong.  In this case, forget the bioethicists. Kieny should have said, "We need to tell the bioethicists that there is no other choice."

- Unknown, Bioethics of Experimental Ebola Treatments
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