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Science and the President

By | October 1, 2006

Is Bush science's nemesis? Or are we being unreasonably rough on his record?


Are We Training Too Many Scientists?

By | September 1, 2006

It?s time to come to grips with how we?re misleading and hurting young aspiring researchers.

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Science in the Heartland

By | August 1, 2006

The East and West coast powerhouses aren't the only places where good science flourishes.


Zealots for Science

By | July 1, 2006

Being mindful of the extremes, science can remain a pursuit of reality.


The Elephant Man and the Art of Jigsaw Puzzles

By | June 1, 2006

Talk of systems biology has a way of drifting, quite rapidly, into the abstract. I'm reminded of the preamble to Georges Perec's complex but engaging novel, Life, A User's Manual. "The art of jigsaw puzzles seems of little substance, easily exhausted, wholly dealt with by a basic introduction to Gestalt: The perceived object... is not a sum of elements to be distinguished from each other and analyzed discreetly, but a pattern, that is to say a form, a structure... knowl

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A Prescription for Pharma

By | May 1, 2006

The industry needs more foxes and fewer hedgehogs


Concepts that Click

By | April 1, 2006

What do natural disasters and cancer have in common? Ecology.


A Better Life for Postdocs?

By | March 1, 2006

The lot of postdocs may be improving a bit, but a new threat has materialized


Taking on peer review

By | February 1, 2006

Authors may need to take some of the blame for what ails the system


How to Create a Great Magazine

By | January 1, 2006

Welcome to the inaugural monthly issue of The Scientist.


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