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Mistaken identity in mechanotransduction

By | December 1, 2006

Hair cell from a bullfrog saccule Credit: © David P. Corey" />Hair cell from a bullfrog saccule Credit: © David P. Corey The paper: D.P. Corey et al., "TRPA1 is a candidate for the mechanosensitive transduction channel of vertebrate hair cells," Nature, 432:723-30, 2004. (Cited in 106 papers) The finding: The mechanotransducing ion channel responsible for auditory function in vertebrate hair cells was difficult to track down. David Corey at Harvard Un


SNPs for diabetes

By | November 1, 2006

The paper: K. Silander et al., "Genetic variation near the hepatocyte nuclear factor-4á gene predicts susceptibility to type 2 diabetes," Diabetes, 53:1141-9, 2004. (Cited in 68 papers) The finding: A team of Finnish and US researchers, led by University of Michigan professor Michael Boehnke, found that several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) around the transcription factor, hepatocyte nuclear factor-4á (HNF4A), were associated with dia


Tetramer model trashed

By | November 1, 2006

Two models of histone incorporation Credit: © 2004 ELSEVIER" />Two models of histone incorporation Credit: © 2004 ELSEVIER The paper: H. Tagami et al., "Histone H3.1 and H3.3 complexes mediate nucleosome assembly pathways dependent or independent of DNA synthesis," Cell, 116:51-61, 2004. (Cited in 146 papers) The finding: Yoshihiro Nakatani's group at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Geneviève Almouzni's group at Curie Institute in France identi

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Why hormone therapy fails

By | November 1, 2006

Finasteride, an antiandrogen Credit: © 2003 DIVISION OF CHEMICAL EDUCATION, AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY" />Finasteride, an antiandrogen Credit: © 2003 DIVISION OF CHEMICAL EDUCATION, AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The paper: C. Chen et al., "Molecular determinants of resistance to antiandrogen therapy," Nat Med, 10:33-9, 2004. (Cited in 176 papers) The finding: Using gene-expression profiling, Charles Sawyers then at the University of California, Los Angel


Expanding the Ranks of Vertebrate Genomes

By | September 1, 2006

Filling in evolutionary blanks is just the first feat for the rat and chicken genomes.


Long Life and Forkhead Deacetylation

By | August 1, 2006

Race to understand mammalian longevity marries SIRT1 to FOXO


The Big Picture in Microbial Genomics

By | July 1, 2006

A revolution aids the study of unculturable microorganisms


So Much Diversity, Such Little Cells

By | June 1, 2006

Comparative yeast genomics reveals mechanisms of genome evolution


Serum Proteomics Scrutinized

By | May 1, 2006

SELDI-TOF still struggles to prove its worth as a clinical diagnostic tool


A Target for Iressa

By | April 1, 2006

The fall and rise (and fall) of a pharmacogenetics poster child


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