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Synthetic memory in eukaryotes?

By | September 19, 2007

A synthetic gene switch allows eukaryotic cells to recall exposure to a set stimulus

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Vote for your favorite life science blogs

By | September 18, 2007

Have your say in compiling the first list of the most popular life science blogs as decided by you, the community


Influenza summers far from home

By | September 17, 2007

Flu strains migrate widely during summer off-season and evolve by swapping genes with other far-off strains


Panel reports on gene therapy death

By | September 17, 2007

Patient's death in July trial likely not result of gene transfer therapy, according to NIH Recombinant DNA panel


Molecules, monthly

By | September 14, 2007

Every month, a Scripps chemist paints colorful (but correct) pictures of a molecule of his choosing

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2007 Lasker Awards announced

By | September 13, 2007

Discovery of dendritic cells, invention of prosthetic heart valves and programs in AIDS treatment and biodefense are honored

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Salmon parents, trout offspring

By | September 13, 2007

Surrogate broodstock technique could help revive endangered fish species


Cancer stem cells drive metastasis

By | September 12, 2007

A distinct subgroup of cancer stem cells is responsible for metastasis in pancreatic tumors

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Is the NIH budget saturated?

By | September 11, 2007

Why hasn't more funding meant more publications?


University makes offer to banned prof

By | September 11, 2007

UNH chair of biochemistry and molecular biology department can return, but with conditions, university says


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