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BSE origins remain obscure, but the epidemic is clearer

By | August 10, 2001

The long awaited Horn report on the BSE epidemic throws up as many questions as it answers.


Space adds new dimension to cancer research

By | August 10, 2001

Culturing cells in the reduced gravity conditions of the International Space Station could help refine cancer treatment regimes.


Antibodies could combat prion-based diseases

By | August 2, 2001

The discovery that antibodies seem to be effective against prions could open the door to immunisation against spongiform encephalopathies.


Real-time study provides insight into human pain process

By | July 26, 2001

Observation of the brain's biochemical response to chronic pain is enabling the natural painkilling mechanisms of the body to be understood in greater detail.


Creating embryos without sperm

By | July 25, 2001

The announcement that murine embryos have been created without fertilisation by sperm nuclei has opened an important ethical and scientific debate.


Manipulation of integrin gene activates adult nerve cell regeneration

By | July 11, 2001

Manipulating the integrin gene can enable adult neurons to switch on the molecular mechanisms necessary to allow regeneration.


Systems biology research centre to be built in Singapore

By | July 6, 2001

A new research centre is being established in Singapore that will use a multidisciplinary approach to study systems biology.


Royal Society calls for moratorium on human reproductive cloning

By | June 26, 2001

has called for an international moratorium on human reproductive cloning.


Argument over bacterial gene transfer to humans resolved

By | June 22, 2001

An alternative analysis of the human genome sequence information refutes the assertion that genes have been transferred directly from bacteria to man.


Aventis science books prize winners announced

By | June 13, 2001

A book about the mysteries of the World's Oceans scoops science's most prestigious literary award.


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