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Have the will, have the data

By | January 5, 2001

Referees on strike, and a new "template" for academic electronic publishing; sound familiar? This time it's economists on the warpath, and they have figures to shoot with.


Stop in the name of ethics

By | January 4, 2001

A French research team is criticised for allowing a clinical trial to continue even though preliminary results suggested the drug therapies were ineffective.


Developing nations to receive low-cost access to research information

By | January 3, 2001

WHO pilots an initiative to give developing nations access low-cost internet access for scientific information.


GMC under attack

By | December 28, 2000

The medical community has become split over what to do with its overseeing body, the GMC. Can it reform itself, or will Government have to step in?


UK health service launches electronic library

By | December 22, 2000

LONDON The UK's National Health Service (NHS) has launched a pilot version of an online library that will provide health care professionals with the knowledge and know-how to support health care decisions. With the stated aim of becoming of becoming "one of the greatest libraries of the world," the National electronic Library for Health (NeLH) will provide fast access to the latest thinking in health care services but will also act as a filter to ensure the reliability of the information it lin


Is the FDA's drug review process breaking down?

By | December 20, 2000

Since 1997 the US FDA has banned use of 11 prescription drugs because of serious side effects. The FDA says it's not the drug approval process but inappropriate prescribing that is responsible.


MPs say 'yes' to stem cell research

By | December 20, 2000

British Members of Parliament have voted in favour of allowing therapeutic cloning.


Craig Venter is 'Scientist of the Year'

By | December 18, 2000

magazine's 'Person of the Year'.


Stem cell decision time for the UK

By | December 18, 2000

The British parliament is to vote on Tuesday 19 December on whether to allow research into stem cell technology to be extended beyond its current boundaries.


- or is it the other way around?

By | December 14, 2000

Donald Kennedy.


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