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Many drugs effective against tropical diseases are no longer available or in danger of being pulled from the market because they are unprofitable.


Ritalin gets vote of approval in the UK

By | November 9, 2000

A new UK directive supports use of the controversial drug Ritalin in severe Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but only under specialist supervision.


A game of monopoly

By | November 8, 2000

Reed Elsevier's proposed takeover of Harcourt has provoked an outcry from librarians and academics alike - but do they have the muscle to influence it?


Therapeutic cloning endorsed by Royal Society

By | November 8, 2000

The UK's Royal Society yesterday released a report backing continued research into the use of cloned embryonic stem cells.


HOUSTON. Amgen, the largest biotechnology company in the world, is funding research focusing on disorders that destroy parts of the nervous system. These include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Medicines for disorders resulting from dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes are also under development. In both areas, Amgen licenses product candidates and technologies that complement its internal drug discovery and develop


New companies to commercialise neuroscience discoveries

By | November 3, 2000

Neurogenomics has significant commercial potential by way of gene targets for enhancement of brain function and treatment of brain-based disease.


Senior scientists promise to boycott journals

By | November 2, 2000

Leading scientists will refuse to publish, edit or subscribe to journals that do not make research articles available free of charge.


BSE Inquiry out in the open

By | October 26, 2000

The results of the UK government's BSE Inquiry were published on Thursday 26 October, implicating civil servants and scientists in the health scandal.


Solving protein folding in your lunch break

By | October 25, 2000

While you take time out to eat your lunch, your computer could be busy helping crack one of the biggest challenges of modern biology.


EU directive on clinical trials will cost lives

By | October 23, 2000

The volume of research conducted in Europe will be driven down dramatically and thousands of lives will be lost if a directive developed by the EU becomes law next year, warned leading UK research directors last week.


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