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Cambridge chemist to be new UK chief scientist

By | October 9, 2000

David King, Head of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, is the new Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government.


Sex, frogs and rocking loos at the Ig Nobels

By | October 6, 2000

Collapsing toilets, levitating frogs, and acrobats making love in a magnetic resonance imager: Now who says scientists take themselves too seriously?


UNAIDS defends South Africa's work on HIV/AIDS

By | October 5, 2000

Mutual suspicion and hostility in South Africa is dogging strong, practical interventions against AIDS, says UNAIDS chief.


Fear of legal action is hobbling research into a key AIDS threat, which may quadruple the numbers infected with HIV in China.


Simplifying genetic disorders

By | October 3, 2000

Recent work implicating a single gene in a population with a complex disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, could represent a shift in the study of genetic diseases.


Blood filtration improves safety of blood transfusions

By | September 28, 2000

White blood cells can cause costly complications following transfusions; the US and Germany are joining the list of countries requiring filtration of donor blood to remove them.


Israeli biotech - a child with great promise

By | September 26, 2000

The Israeli biotech industry is still in its infancy but heavy investment, an aggressive technology sector and a supportive academic community should ensure some big growth spurts.


Beyond the ban on human embryo research: An Italian way?

By | September 20, 2000

In the context of a heated debate on human embryo research, some Italian researchers are looking for a scientific way through the moral and ethical minefield.


Women's rights could lower population growth

By | September 20, 2000

report published today, the United Nations Population Fund has delivered a devastating attack on the world's unequal treatment of women.


Lasker Awards presented for work on ubiquitination and hepatitis C

By | September 18, 2000

The 2000 Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards, announced in New York on September 17, will put further pressure on the Nobel Foundation to grant a Nobel Prize for work related to the cell cycle.


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