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Lancet retracts stem cell paper

By | September 5, 2008

UK-based medical journal __The Lancet__ has linkurl:retracted; a linkurl:paper; reporting on a clinical trial of a stem cell therapy for urinary incontinence, which has been mired in allegations of misconduct. In this week's issue of the journal, editors Sabine Kleinert and Richard Horton write that authors of an Austrian government inquiry "raise doubts as to whether a trial a


$400 million for genomics institute

By | September 4, 2008

In the largest act of US philanthropy for biomedical research, Eli and Edythe Broad have donated $400 million to the Broad Institute, a joint project between Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The gift builds on the $200 million with which the linkurl:Broads first funded the genomics institute; in 2003 and 2004. "We're now making a $600 million dollar bet in total that this will be the place where the world's greatest scien


EUREKA grants awarded

By | September 4, 2008

Thirty-eight researchers were awarded with grants totaling $42.2 million dollars this week for their "linkurl:wild and crazy; " ideas to change the way science is done. The EUREKA program (Exceptional, Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration), sought proposals from investigators that were linkurl:innovative,; but required little or no preliminary data. "There were so many good


NIH reins in genome access

By | September 2, 2008

The NIH has turned the locks and barred the windows on several previously open access databases of genetic information in response to new research proving it's possible to identify a single individual's genetic profile out of a pool of DNA. Last week in linkurl:PLoS Genetics,; researchers from the University of California, Los Angles, and the Translational Genomics Institute in Phoenix published a new bioinformatics method for pinpointing an individual D


Obama: Yes to stem cells, funding

By | September 2, 2008

As controversy and rumors swirl around John McCain's newly-tapped running mate like tropical depression-force winds and the Republican National Convention sputters to a start, linkurl:Barack Obama; vowed to lift the ban on stem cell research and set targets to reduce carbon emissions, and promised to double basic research budgets over the next decade. His promises are spelled out in responses to a science policy survey issued by research and scien


Jobs for old brain's new neurons

By | September 1, 2008

Researchers have known for almost a decade that the linkurl:adult brain; produces new neurons. But a new study appearing yesterday (August 31) online in Nature Neuroscience gets a better look at what adult neurogenesis in two regions of the brain is actually for. "I think the conclusions are really groundbreaking," linkurl:Barbara Beltz,; neuroscientist at Wellesley C


Making sense of floral scents

By | August 28, 2008

The nectar of plants may be more than just nourishment for the linkurl:birds; and linkurl:bees; that feed off of them - instead, suggests a study published in this week's issue of __Science__, it may be a complex chemical cocktail that simultaneously attracts and repels linkurl:pollinators; in order to optimize the amount of time they spend at each fl

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On science: McCain v. the GOP

By | August 28, 2008

When it comes to matters of science, Republican US presidential hopeful John McCain is with his party on some issues, not quite on others. This week the Republican Party released linkurl:a draft of; its 2008 platform, one that will be debated in the days leading up to the GOP convention in St Paul, Minnesota, starting Monday (September 1). Some of the party's points regarding science differ from the campaign points McCain has be


Head of Austrian med school canned

By | August 27, 2008

The rector of a prominent Austrian medical university has been fired in the midst of a linkurl:scientific misconduct investigation; that has plagued the institution for months. The Medical University of Innsbruck's seven-person council unceremoniously dumped linkurl:Clemens Sorg,; an immunologist and the rector of the university, from his position on August 21, according to a linkurl:report;http://


Stem cell alchemy

By | August 27, 2008

For the first time, researchers have converted fully-differentiated cells in vivo into another type of cell without first reprogramming them to a pluripotent state. The conversion of pancreatic exocrine cells into fully functioning linkurl:beta cells; in living mice is described in a paper to be published tomorrow (August 28) in Nature. "This paper is an important milestone on the road that hopefully leads to the generation of new beta cells from


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