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image: Oil Spills: Research and Protests

Oil Spills: Research and Protests

By | September 1, 2011

Millions are pumped into research on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and high-profile arrests are made amid demonstrations fighting the construction of a new pipeline.


image: Climategate documents released

Climategate documents released

By | August 26, 2011

Data and other files connected to the work of climatologist Michael Mann have been released to a conservative think tank that sued to gain access.


image: NIH Finalizes Conflict Rules

NIH Finalizes Conflict Rules

By | August 25, 2011

America's key federal biomedical research agency officially releases its new policy on conflicts of interest.


image: Protecting Government Whistleblowers

Protecting Government Whistleblowers

By | August 24, 2011

New draft policies for safeguarding government research from political influence—and protecting those who bring such misconduct to light—could be improved, according to advocacy groups.


image: EPA to Address Nitrogen Pollution

EPA to Address Nitrogen Pollution

By | August 23, 2011

The federal agency should reduce harmful nitrogen emissions by 25 percent in the next two decades, a new report says.


image: NIH Biased Against Blacks?

NIH Biased Against Blacks?

By | August 22, 2011

A new study reveals that African American researchers are 10 percent less likely to receive funding from the federal agency than their white peers.


image: FDA's Biomarker and Device Advice

FDA's Biomarker and Device Advice

By | August 18, 2011

The US federal agency issues draft rules to guide medical device makers and those hoping to register biomarkers.


image: Facebook Forces Pharma to Show Comments

Facebook Forces Pharma to Show Comments

By | August 17, 2011

The social media site enforces its rule that pages should allow social interaction through comments, even on drug company pages.


image: Protection Sought for Climate Researcher

Protection Sought for Climate Researcher

By | August 15, 2011

Advocacy groups say the University of Virginia is releasing too much of its climate researcher's documents.


image: FDA Discusses Biosimilars

FDA Discusses Biosimilars

By | August 8, 2011

The government says regulatory requirements for generic biological therapies will have to be tailored to the treatment in question.


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