Explore the past and present of US research funding, compare the investment priorities of the United States and Europe, and read an opinion from Research!America president Mary Woolley on what scientists need to do to secure the financial future of the US research enterprise.

By and | October 1, 2011

A Quarter Century of Fueling Science

History repeats itself, and so do trends in research funding.Twenty-five years ago, life science research was a different ball game. But in 1986, the state of the economic engine that drives scientific research in the United States bore an eerie resemblance to the situation that exists today. . . .By Bob Grant


Synthetic Biology

Opinion: Research and Debt Reduction

Investing more federal dollars in life science research may save the US economy.I predict that the future of science funding is rosy—except in the United States. If there were agencies akin to Standard & Poor’s charged with rating life-sciences futures in the US, we would be looking at a downgrade. We would owe such a downgrade largely to the complacency of federal policymakers, too many of whom appear willing to watch the US research enterprise wither on the vine. . . .By Mary Woolley

Research and Development Funding,By the Numbers

Government and industry are the biggest funders of research, basic and otherwise. Here is how science funding in the US and European Union has shaped up in the past two and a half decades.


Debt Ceiling Bill May Hurt ScienceThe bill to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit would slash billions of dollars for basic scientific and medical research.By Tia Ghose
Data Sharing Gets a ReprieveWisconsin legislators amend a budget that would have banned high speed data-sharing networks.By Tia Ghose
Another Revolution Needed?Counting the many plagues that threaten research in the Middle East and North Africa regionBy Fahd Al-Mulla
Rewards of RiskSecrets to scoring big money grants for innovative, out-of-the-box researchBy Megan Scudellari
Opinion: When the Wells Run DryThe practice and funding of science may change drastically when humanity enters an era of energy crisis, in which cheap oil is but a distant memory.By John Day
Science, Side of PorkIt’s the other source of science funding. Is research supported by Congressional earmarks legit?By Bob Grant





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