High-Free Medical Marijuana

Israeli researchers create a marijuana strain that maximizes pain relief while minimizing the high.

By | July 5, 2012



Cannabis contains cannabidiol (CBD), which, some studies have shown, has anti-inflammatory properties, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which induces a high. Tikun Olam, a company that grows marijuana in Israel, where the plant is legal for medical purposes, has developed a variant that likely contains the highest CBD to THC ratio yet. The strain, named Avidekel, contains less than one percent THC, and nearly 16 percent CBD.

“Sometimes the high is not always what they need,” Tikum Olam’s head of development Zack Klein told Reuters. “Sometimes it is an unwanted side effect. For some of the people it’s not even pleasant.”

Medical marijuana is currently used by around 9,000 people in Israel, who hold licenses to use the drug to treat ailments such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and the unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy. Researchers at Hebrew University are already studying the effects of Avidekel on mice, with plans to move the herb into human trials later this year. However, patients who hold licences are already able to try the drug.

Studies on the potential benefits of smoking cannabis are more difficult to conduct in the US, but some researchers are braving the bureaucratic obstacles. Read more about medical marijuana in this month’s Alternative Medicines feature.

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Avatar of: bob


Posts: 1457

July 6, 2012

Go to India. It is wild very where. FREE.

Avatar of: Boo_Bottoms


Posts: 8

July 6, 2012

Yes go to India and don't come back. Let their Health Care System take care of you when your old brain is totally rotted.

Avatar of: Omololu Fagunwa

Omololu Fagunwa

Posts: 1457

July 6, 2012

I will like to see how smoking it will be experimented and the acceptance or promotion. Will the success story that will spring from smoking it encourage smoking especially with various govt efforts to reduce smoking habits of people?

Avatar of: Michael Holloway

Michael Holloway

Posts: 36

July 8, 2012

Perfect.  Now let's make these very low THC strains mandatory for medical marijuana and watch the hysterical political pressure for it melt away.

Avatar of: Edward R. Mikol

Edward R. Mikol

Posts: 1457

July 8, 2012

But perhaps the psychotropic effects are part of the beneficial aspect of the chemical combo, and without that the other elements will be less effective?

"Feeling better" (literally/chemically/psychologically) is conducive to healing.

"Feeling nothing" is not.

The somatic argument against the "high" seems puritanically more than medically based.

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