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Treating Egg Allergies with Eggs

Introducing tiny amounts of powdered egg into the diets of allergic children can cure the affliction.

By | July 19, 2012

image: Treating Egg Allergies with Eggs FLICKR CREATIVE COMMONS, STEVE JOHNSON

Egg allergies rank alongside peanut allergies in their severity and it can be difficult to avoid coming into contact with the ubiquitous food. But there may be some good news for those that suffer from an egg allergy: a new trial shows that exposing children to a small, controlled amount of powdered egg daily can completely relieve the allergy.

In the new study, published today (July 19) in the New England Journal of Medicine, parents gave small amounts of powdered egg to their children, building up to the equivalent of a third of an egg per day. After 22 months, 75 percent of the children could eat the equivalent of two eggs without reacting. A month after finishing the regime, the children were tested again, and 28 percent of the children could still eat eggs without any reaction.

"This study gives us hope that we're closer to developing a treatment," study co-author Wesley Burks from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine told BBC News. "Almost a third of the children had a permanent change and were no longer egg-allergic."

The treatment didn't work for everyone, and about 15 percent of the children had to give up the regime, mostly because of reactions to the small amounts of powered egg. The treatment is still experimental, and the study's authors say it should not be tried at home.


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Avatar of: Dov Henis

Dov Henis

Posts: 1457

July 23, 2012

Culture-Genetics Ignorance Display, Again
Bacteria, insects join forces against pesticide Microbes in gut, rather than genetic changes, allow insects to develop chemical resistance.

And how does a “genetic changeâ€쳌 come about? 
Does it appear as deus-ex-machina?
Or does it happen randomly, randomly in an evolving system in which nothing happens randomly?
Culture-genetic expression, horse-wagon:
Genes’ Expressions Are THE RESULTS Of Life CULTURE, NOT Their CAUSE!
Long-lived people distinguished by longevity DNAâ€쳌? Ludicrous…
Genes of microbes of insect gut happen to resist pesticide?  Ludicrous…The "long life DNA expressionsâ€쳌  are effected-formed by the living mode-culture of the old timers, by the genes “adaptingâ€쳌 to their “naturally selected circumstancesâ€쳌.  This is evolution, natural selection, and the RNA nucleotides genes ARE ORGANISMS.
It's the culture horses that pull-effect the genetic expression changes, NOT any "longevity genes wagon" that pushes-effects long life.
Ask Pavlov. Learn from him...
Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

July 24, 2012


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