A Link Between Autism and Cannabinoids

Mutations tied to autism in mice lead to deficits in the signaling pathway activated by marijuana.

By | April 11, 2013

A neuron affected by an NL3 mutation.NEURON, FOLDY ET AL.Two autism-related mutations in a synapse-adhesion protein lead to deficits in prolonged endocannabinoid signaling in mice. It’s a surprising connection that suggests such signaling problems could be implicated in autism spectrum disorders, according to a paper published today (April 11) in Neuron.

Tonic endocannabinoid signaling is long-lasting and contrasts with the brief pulses characteristic of phasic signaling. Endocannabinoid signaling in general affects memory formation, learning, pain, and other important processes, but the distinctions between tonic and phasic signaling have been poorly understood.

“It’s a very stimulating finding which could be a real turning point in understanding tonic endocannabinoids and how this otherwise mysterious lipid signaling really works,” said Bradley Alger, a neuroscientist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine who was not involved in the study. But he warned that the paper, while tantalizing, did not even definitively show that endocannabinoid signaling deficits could lead to autistic behaviors in mice, let alone in humans.

The researchers studied two mutations in neuroligin-3 (NL3), a gene encoding a protein involved in building and maintaining synapses. One mutation is a deletion of the entire gene, while the other, called R451, involves a single amino acid substitution. “These two mutations both have been associated with autism in humans,” said coauthor Thomas Südhof, a cellular physiologist at Stanford University.

Südhof and colleagues sought to understand what physiological effects the mutations had in common, assuming that if they could find a shared effect it might explain how they both led to autism. Using mice with each of the mutations, they made electrophysiological recordings of the interactions between pairs of cells in the hippocampal areas of the mouse brains. They compared recordings in the two types of mutant mouse brain cells to recordings done in normal mouse brains.

While synaptic changes often differed depending on the mutation, one type of cell containing cannabinoid type-1 (CB1) receptors showed similar alterations in its patterns of excitation for both types of mutant mice. Further investigation showed that tonic endocannabinoid signaling had been disrupted in these cells. “By this comparative physiology we were able to point out differences that pointed to this endocannabinoid signaling,” said Csaba Földy, also a cell physiologist at Stanford and an author of the paper.

The mechanism for how mutations in NL3 lead to endocannabinoid signaling deficits remains unclear. Could lacking properly functioning NL3 be interfering with endocannabinoid secretory machinery? Could it be somehow causing degradation of endocannabinoid signaling ligands? “We’re left without a really good idea of what it’s doing in single synapses or whether it’s effective behaviorally,” Alger said. Moreover, it is not yet clear how endocannabinoid signaling deficits would be involved in autistic symptoms, the authors said.

Alger added that, if the endocannabinoid system does turn out to be connected to autism in humans, medical marijuana could turn out to hold possibility for treating autism. But Südhof said that he did not know at this point whether marijuana would intensify or ameliorate autistic symptoms.

More immediately, said Alger, the findings will spur research into NL3 and other neuroligins, molecules he had never dreamed might have an effect on endocannabinoid signaling.  “We’re really just starting to understand how this works,” he said. “In terms of autism, we’ll have to refer to future research.”

Földy et al., “Autism-associated neuroligin-3 mutations commonly disrupt tonic endocannabinoid signaling,” Neuron, doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2013.02.036, 2013.

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Khawar Nehal

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April 12, 2013


How to fix autism by Khawar Nehal

Date : 13 April 2013

I first found out about autism when I say the movie mercury rising. That was many years ago. About max 1 year after the movie was released.
Then I did some reading and found that it could be related to mercury and heavy metals.

This was based on information where mothers said they saw their child become autistic two weeks after being vaccinated. The vaccines in large bottles had 60% mercury as a preservative because multiple needles are used and multiple shots can be given. This reduces costs. The capitalistic allopathic medicine makers countered this information in as many ways they could.
Then the information is based on chelation therapy. After getting the heavy metals out of the kids over 2 years the kids are better. Meaning the symptoms of autism are significantly or completely gone.

Some doctors in the NATO countries have lost their license for practicing allopathy because they allowed chelation therapy.

The allopathic capitalists countered with a case where a kid died. In this case a chemical was used for chelation accidentally which was not DMSA but a chemical with a similar sounding name.

DMSA can still be used to reduce the heavy metals.

A woman wrote a book recently about how to avoid autism in your kids. In her research she found that autism children have a leaky gut and gastrointestinal problems. This causes the guts to lose iron to the outside of the body. Iron in the body prevents heavy metals from getting inside and accumulating in the body. If the iron levels drop, then the heavy metals accumulate. If heavy metals accumulate then the child or person becomes autistic.

I read many years ago that alzihemers might be linked to aluminum. No idea who found that out but I used to pester my wife to buy expensive heavy steel pots instead of aluminum ones. One time she explained that aluminum pots spread the heat better. So I even saw a Rs 4500 pot which was steel on top and had a 1 cm thick aluminum base. Most expensive pot I ever saw or bought. Spreads the heat evenly and only steel touches the food. This was in a shop in Mohammad Ali society in Karachi.

There was one research I read about where they take a hair sample of a kid and check for aluminum content. The autistic kids have more aluminum in their hair samples. So the autism is linked to aluminum. Other metals like chromium, copper and some more are also accumulated not just aluminum.

If a human kid eats cement from the walls, dust, earth or other such stuff, then the kid is low in iron. This I learned from the Internet and some americans know this. A kid shall have a cookie in one hand and earth in another and the earth shall automatically be eaten. This is some built in human reaction to get iron into the body. I found this out because I know more than one kid eating earth.

Allopathic doctors can increse iron levels fast by a blood transfusion and iron supplements. Other natural and better ways are to eat iron rich foods. If the kid or person is allergic to many iron rich foods, then you need to stop their consumption of junk foods and processed foods. This shall reduce their allergies of foods over time and then they can eat iron rich or any other foods like a natural human.

I read a bit about iron. There is no way a body can excrete iron. All iron is recycled from dead cells. Iron is required for cell replication. If there is too little iron the heavy metals may accumulate and the person becomes autistic. But bacteria also cannot replicate easily. So the human becomes less prone to sickness. If there is too much iron then there can be other complications and the human can get bacterial infections more easily because the foreign bacterias can access more iron for their replication.

Autistic children have a gut issue. Some cases say it may be due to allergies and gluten. So the first thing they do is transfer to a gluten free diet and the iron stop leaking and the heavy metals reduce and the autistic symptoms reduce consideraably. You also need to complement with a iron rich diet. Measure the iron level carefully not to over do it or else high iron issues may start. This iron fixing process can take months to two years. Better to do is slowly and naturally then too fast.

There may be other reasons and types of autism. But this is my research so far. I hope people can help avoid the misinformation being spread by the allopathic companies and get results.

The FDA banned multiple doctors from chelation therapy and after many years of stopping them, came out recently with an expensive drug with many side effects and does not cure the issue. Just sort of pacifies. Like a pain killer that they like to sell. Never fix the root cause but kill the pain and alarm. Pay the right affordable amount for ever in the name of hope.

Other countries who used DMSA to reduce heavy metals over a six month research found that autism symptoms were reduced by a measurable and about 20 – 30%. So it seems like in 2 years you can fix it.

There have been many cases where they can fix in 6 months but I would not want to take hopes up so fast.

1. check heavy metal levels,
2. check iron levels,
3. check leaky gut symptoms.
4. Change foods to fix gut issues.
5. Fix iron levels with food or other methods
6. Chelate with DMSA if in a hurry. (The FDA is going to be furious because DMSA is a low cost drug).
7. Measure symptoms. Do not let iron levels exceed normal levels.
8. Inshallah you shall have cured autism completely.

Disclaimer :
I am not afraid of the FDA because I do not have an MBBS degree to lose. I am a researcher who is reporting and summarizing what I read.
You can check this information and all research before taking any responsibility.
Do not even think of blaming me if you cause problems. You are doing everything at your own risk and responsibility.

I do not represent any FDA, NGO, or drug company. I do not even know who makes or patents DMSA.
I am providing this information so you can check it before use and also provide some feedback of any other info you can find and summarize for the assistance of others against the major propaganda which I have seen by the drug companies.

The doctors may know this but cannot practice it without the risk of losing their license to work. Many doctors have lost their work permits for this.

But mothers have had results on their own.
Actually most of this information is available from the work done by mothers who refused to take no as an answer to a solution to their kids issues.

Non NATO countries which are not linked to the capitalist banking system have done actual scientific research to corroborate the heavy metal and DMSA information.

So please check this information and lets get cracking to a solution instead of worrying about it.


Khawar Nehal
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April 15, 2013

I don't see any autistic pot smokers so perhaps it works.

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April 16, 2013

chelation therapy for autism is not rare, around 7% of patients recieve chelation. and why dont we hear any reports of autism being cured? see link




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April 22, 2013

There are some on this thread that have referred to vaccination and it links to autism it is a lie the was created by a discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield who wrote a discredited paper that tried to link the 3 in 1 MMR vaccine to autism he did this to profit off his single dose vaccines patent. He grouped his group his data ignoring people who didn't fit his desired findinds and played on the fact that autism symptoms usually present themselves at age 3 when the vaccine is usually administered.

Also as Vmalda stated chelate has no evidence of it working. Also it can be fatal if the wrong chelate is given, so please be careful about promoting these treatment and links because they are responsible for death of kids from poisioning and disease. 

I have a science background and a child with autism I have done my research! Some other treatments mentioned have help reduced some symptoms for some of the families in my community but they are not cures, if only it was that easy. Don't know about pot as a treatment I think it might be better to try some non-phycoactive cabinoids such as those found in varieties of econatia first and wait for the studies that show it won't make there symptoms worse.

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April 23, 2013

Thimiserol was removed from vaccines over 10 years ago you liar.. also if vaccines were 60% mercury like you claim it would kill any human who took it. Further more theres more mercury in a can of tuna then any vaccine ever. Your just a loud mouth loser. Get a hobby you stupid piece of garbage.

Avatar of: Artanis667


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April 23, 2013


The CDC says on their site that their seasonal flu multi-batches (what you're buying at safeway) do indeed have Thimerosal.


Did you know when H1N1 vaccines were pushed globally, Germany specifically made sure to purchase the single dose vials for all government employees (the difference between single dose and muti dose being the preservative, Thimerosal, and the additional cost).

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April 24, 2013

J Autism Dev Disord. 2013 Apr 13. [Epub ahead of print] Cannabinoid Receptor Type 2, but not Type 1, is Up-Regulated in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Children Affected by Autistic Disorders. Siniscalco D, Sapone A, Giordano C, Cirillo A, de Magistris L, Rossi F, Fasano A, Bradstreet JJ, Maione S, Antonucci N.
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September 26, 2015

There is no autism in my family....until my cousin.  She had 4 children and during her last pregnancy she smoked marijuana throughout.  That is the child with autism.  This absolutely NEEDS to be studied.  Animal subjects are ok, but there is no ethical way to conduct human studies.  And if you ask a parent of an autistic child who DID smoke during pregnancy I doubt they would ever admit to it because of the guilt and shame.

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June 2, 2016

Interesting to know science does not know if cannabis makes autism worse or better in 2013, what have they been doing all these years?! Smoking pot???

Autism, bipolar & schizophrenia are all genetically related, run together in families, & cannabis definitely triggers bipolar & schizophrenia, my money is on pot being a major culprit of the growth of autism in teens and adults. I think I've seen it with Asperger's.   

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