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A poster celebrating 30 years of PCR

By | November 12, 2013

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The roots of Biosearch Technologies can be traced back to 1978 when President and CEO, Ron Cook, PhD founded “Biosearch, Inc.” to supply research tools to the nascent biotechnology industry. In the 1980s, Biosearch developed and manufactured automated, solid-phase DNA synthesizers, including the SAM I as shown to the right. These instruments manufactured oligonucleotides with prodigious proficiency, catalyzing the development of revolutionary oligonucleotide-based technologies. Most notably in 1982, Kary Mullis at Cetus Corporation used a SAM I DNA synthesizer to create oligos for use in his experiments, which eventually resulted in the invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction process (PCR).

The invention of PCR forever changed the molecular biology world. An enabling technology, it is a standard and indispensable research technique used for numerous medical and biological applications such as DNA sequencing and genetic fingerprinting. PCR was also the lone technique that helped the synthetic oligonucleotide business become a thriving industry. Hence, 30 years later, Biosearch respectfully commemorates the development of a technique that swiftly answered previous DNA chemistry problems with, as Kary Mullis describes, “Abundance and distinction.”

The original Biosearch was sold, and Ron Cook founded Biosearch Technologies, Inc. (Biosearch) in 1993.  Since that time, Biosearch has become an acknowledged leader in the design, development, and manufacture of sophisticated oligonucleotide-based tools for real-time, quantitative PCR, Stellaris® RNA FISH, and other nucleic acid-based applications. The unique properties of Biosearch’s Black Hole Quencher® (BHQ®) dyes have led to their ubiquitous use in dual-labeled qPCR probes worldwide.
Biosearch Technologies is an ideal partner for assay and medical device development because Biosearch can supply businesses at all stages of product development from design through commercialization. A vertically integrated structure allows Biosearch precise control over raw materials and manufacturing processes, reducing costs and turnaround time for the benefit of Biosearch customers. Biosearch’s manufacturing processes also conform to GMP requirements per 21 CFR Part 820, when applicable.

Biosearch products currently enable the human diagnostic, ag/bio, veterinary diagnostic, food safety, pharmaceutical, public health and biodefense industries, and have been used as components in a long list of regulated medical devices.   

To learn more about Biosearch Technologies, visit our website: www.biosearchtech.com.


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