iBind™ Western Device— enjoy hands-free western blotting

The iBind™ Western System is an automated western processing device. It’s hands-free, reproducible, powerless and compatible with western protocols.

By | January 23, 2014

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The iBind™ Western System is an automated western processing device. It’s hands-free, reproducible, powerless and compatible with western protocols. The blocking, primary and secondary antibody incubation and wash steps occur via sequential lateral flow (SLF) technology. SLF allows for the timely release of primary and secondary antibodies through mechanical pressure applied from the device onto the iBind™ Card. Glass fiber embedded in the iBind™ Card allows the antibody and wash solutions to flow at a constant rate over the western membrane. An absorbent stack attached to one end of the iBind™ Card functions to pull liquid across the card and membrane. The iBind™ Western System provides automated convenience and superior sensitivity and reproducibility compared to traditional manual methods without the need for any external power source.

Simple to use:

  • Allows you to load your solutions and walk away
  • All antibody and washing steps are automated for you
  • Sequential lateral flow controls the release of each antibody and wash solution
  • No electricity or battery required
  • Compatible with HRP- and AP-conjugated antibodies

Time savings:

  • Compresses lengthy, overnight antibody incubation times to about 2 ½ hours
  • Rapid 15 minute set-up time

Superior western performance compared to manual blotting:

  • The iBind™ system is designed to deliver greater sensitivity for many monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies as compared to manual methods— Figure 1 compares the level of sensitivity for the iBind™ system versus manual western methods
  • Combine the iBind™ Western System with Novex® highly specific primary and secondary antibodies to help achieve clean western blots that only light up your target protein
  • Automated processing provides better blot-toblot consistency with CVs of less than 5% vs. manual method CVs of 13%


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Hands-free western blotting

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