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Sarstedt offers cell culture inserts in three different sizes 

By | November 18, 2016

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Sarstedt offers cell culture inserts in three different sizes with six different membrane base options. These inserts consist of a polystyrene chamber and PET membrane base and are designed to fit into Sarstedt 6-, 12-, or 24-well plates.

The membrane base options provide a highly customizable secondary cell culture location that can be applied to a wide variety of complex cell culture applications. The uniqueness of each membrane base option is based on the relative pore size, pore density and optical qualities of the membrane.

Sarstedt cell culture inserts are sold individually wrapped for economical usage based on individual project needs. These inserts extend Sarstedt’s already substantial cell culture product range, which includes standard cell culture labware, lumox® film products, x-well chamber slides, and reusable flexiPERM® inserts.

Visit www.sarstedt.com to learn more about Sarstedt’s innovative range of cell culture and specialty laboratory products and to request free samples.

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SARSTEDT Insert, 12 Well, PET 8µm, TL

image of: SARSTEDT Insert, 12 Well, PET 8µm, TL

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