Increasing the Consistency of Tissue Typing

The VIAFLO ASSIST personal pipetting assistant from INTEGRA has been selected by Linkage Biosciences

By | January 6, 2017

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The VIAFLO ASSIST personal pipetting assistant from INTEGRA has been selected by Linkage Biosciences to help labs increase consistency when using their LinkS?q™ tissue typing products.

The VIAFLO ASSIST has been demonstrated to increase confidence in and the simplicity of a laboratory’s tissue typing workflow. Offering consistent dispensing volume, consistent immersion depth, and consistent pipetting angle, the reproducibility and accuracy of tissue typing protocols are increased, especially during middle of the night, on-call tasks.

All VIAFLO ASSIST pipettes supplied by Linkage Biosciences come pre-programmed with a LinkS?q pipetting protocol. Simply add LinkS?q sample mixture to the reservoir and allow the VIAFLO ASSIST to add reagent to the entire LinkS?q 384-well tray. The LinkS?q VIAFLO ASSIST kit comes with the necessary consumables to get started without delay.

An application video demonstrating this exciting new tissue typing protocol can be seen at

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Product Details

Integra Biosciences VIAFLO ASSIST

image of: Integra Biosciences VIAFLO ASSIST

VIAFLO ASSIST - Your personal pipetting assistant - Automate your multichannel pipettes!

Pipette TypeElectronic Air Displacement
Dispensing TypeMulti-channel
Pipette TypeElectronic Air Displacement
Power Requirements100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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