Speaking of Cancer Research

Notable quotes from this year’s annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research

By | April 5, 2017


“This is no time to undercut progress, for God’s sake. It’s no time to let up. It’s time to double down. It’s time we deliver on the promise of science and technology to extend and improve lives.”

—Former US Vice President Joe Biden


“Funding for cancer research isn’t something you can turn on and off like a faucet.”

Nancy Davidson, AACR President


“There has been a revolution in cancer research in the past decade. If I were to summarize that revolution in one sentence it would be: cancer results from the sequential accumulation of genomic alterations. . . . The challenge for all of us here to today is to achieve the next revolution, and that is to dramatically reduce deaths from cancer.”

Bert Vogelstein, Johns Hopkins Medicine


“At first blush, the problem of [cancer drug] resistance seems insurmountable. It’s multifactorial and heterogeneous. There can be multiple resistance mechanisms operating in a particular patient.”

Levi Garraway, Eli Lilly


“Early detection doesn’t have to be very early. . . . It takes years, perhaps decades, for a [malignancy] to evolve into a widely metastatic lesion, offering a huge window of opportunity to detect those cancers and intervene in the process.”



“In our fight against cancer, we have to be unwilling to postpone for even a second. . . . Let’s keep it going, folks. This is no time to stop the momentum.”


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April 8, 2017

Nancy Davidson's remark:“Funding for cancer research isn’t something you can turn

on and off like a faucet” is of course quite correct, but the

word "cancer" is redundant in context.


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