Press Release: New Stem Cell Collection Center Opens in Boston

New Stem Cell Collection Center to meet the growing demand of its products.

By | May 17, 2017

StemExpress expands to the East Coast with the launch of a new Stem Cell Collection Center to meet the growing demand of its products. This new donation center, located in Arlington Massachusetts, will expand the company’s ability to collect and process bone marrow, peripheral blood, leukopaks and mobilized leukopaks. The new facility will provide East Coast clients with same day delivery options and international clients with quicker delivery of blood products. Now researchers will have a more timely access to fresh samples, including primary cells. 
StemExpress’ donation centers adhere to Good Clinical Practice guidelines with IRB approved informed consents and protocols providing the utmost care for their donors and the highest quality of product to their customers. Each donation center employs a staff of certified apheresis technicians and licensed medical physicians to ensure the care and wellbeing of their donors. Donors undergo a thorough review of their historical and current medical history as well as infectious disease screening every 90 days by a CLIA-certified laboratory. 
About StemExpress
StemExpress is a life-science company dedicated to advancing science. We support biomedical researchers globally by offering human hematopoietic stem cells and blood derived cell products from bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood and mobilized peripheral blood. StemExpress guarantees every sample delivers only the highest purity, viability, and quality investigators need to achieve the best results.
For more information go to or call 530-303-3828


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