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Interneurons and mature granule cells in the adult mouse brain are critical for newborn neurons’ responses to novel environments.

In vivo imaging reveals how grafted embryonic brain cells grow, connect, and mature into contributing members of damaged visual pathways in adult mice.

Whole-genome sequencing of preserved blood samples provides the clearest picture to date of the virus’s arrival and spread in the U.S.

image: DNA as an Artistic Medium

DNA as an Artistic Medium


An artist creates images on electrophoresis gels using exhibition visitors’ pooled genetic material.

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Jack Woodall, an epidemiologist and former columnist at The Scientist, cofounded the infectious disease outbreak reporting system ProMED. 

Scientists in South America are testing the strategy of infecting mosquitos with Wolbachia, an approach intended to reduce Zika transmission.

Begonia plants capture extra light in the shade thanks to specialized structures in their chloroplasts.

As people continue to tell tall tales, fMRI data show certain brain regions become less busy.

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October 2016

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Sequencing has gone from a laborious manual task costing thousands of dollars to a quick and cheap practice that is standard for many laboratories.

Advances in genetic manipulation have simplified the once daunting task of rewriting a gene.

From confocal fluorescence microscopy to super-resolution and live 3-D imaging, microscopes have changed rapidly since 1986.

Imaging and manipulating the brain has come a long way from electrodes and the patch clamp, though such traditional tools remain essential.


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Harvard biologist George Church talks gene therapy, aging, and reviving the woolly mammoth with Stephen Colbert.

Traditional stop codons have a double meaning in the protozoans' mRNA, sometimes calling for an amino acid during translation.

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The reason for misaligned tips lies in the widespread generic tip cone

Even draws attention to further translational applications of 3D tissue models.

launch of its TrueMethyl® Whole Genome (TMWG) integrated workflow system   

BrandTech introduces the Transferpette® S Adjustable Volume, Single Channel pipette

Convenient, fast DNA extraction...

Aim to investigate non-invasive specimen preparation techniques

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