teacher in front of a classroom
Opinion: Teach Philosophy of Science in High School
Nicholas Friedman, Stephen Esser | Jan 17, 2022
The pandemic has revealed the importance of preparing students to critically evaluate the conceptual foundations and real-world impact of science.
stone panel depicting a horselike animal led by ropes around the neck
Ancient Mesopotamians Bred Horselike Hybrids
Chris Baraniuk | Jan 14, 2022
A genomics study reveals the parentage of a long-mysterious creature called a kunga, the earliest-known hybrid animal bred by humans.
Rapid antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2
Are Rapid Tests Worse at Detecting Omicron—and Does It Matter?
Catherine Offord | Jan 14, 2022
Anecdotal reports and results from small studies on the diagnostics’ accuracy have prompted questions about the devices’ usage with the new variant, but researchers say more data are needed and emphasize the continued importance of SARS-CoV-2 testing.
A person lying on a bed checks the reading on a digital thermometer. A table with a bowl of oranges and various medications is in the background.
How Mild Is Omicron Really?
Dan Robitzski | Jan 14, 2022
Early reports that Omicron causes less-severe disease than Delta seem to be borne out, but it’s not yet clear to what extent that’s due to the variant itself versus the populations it’s infecting.
Epstein-Barr virus EBV, a herpes virus which causes infectious mononucleosis and Burkitt's lymphoma isolated on black background. 3D illustration
Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Multiple Sclerosis: Study
Christie Wilcox | Jan 13, 2022
Experts say new research provides strong evidence that a common herpesvirus can trigger the chronic inflammatory disease.
white mouse running on a light blue wheel
Tinkering with Gut Microbes Boosts Brain Plasticity in Mice
Sophie Fessl | Jan 13, 2022
Intestinal bacteria contribute to the effect of stimulating environments on the brain’s ability to adapt, a study concludes.
goldfish in tank
Researchers Train Goldfish to “Drive”
Chloe Tenn | Jan 12, 2022
The Scientist spoke with cognitive neuroscientist Ronen Segev about how he taught goldfish to maneuver a moveable tank over land toward a visual target.
Thomas Lovejoy wearing glasses and smiling at camera
“Godfather of Biodiversity” Thomas Lovejoy Dies at 80
Lisa Winter | Jan 12, 2022
The famous ecologist was a lifelong champion for conservation.
A white coat-wearing doctor holds the results of an EKG test in one hand and traces over them with a pen in the other hand
Doctors and Researchers Probe How COVID-19 Attacks the Heart
Dan Robitzski | Jan 12, 2022
Experts have a decent grasp on how COVID-19 impacts cardiovascular health in the near term. The implications of long COVID, however, remain mysterious.