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Rather than getting a gene for its original function, a horizontal gene transfer provides the raw material for evolutionary innovation.

Drug-free environments, such as a designated ward in a hospital, might reduce the strength of selection for resistance.

The adaptation gives better endurance to the Bajau people, known as sea nomads, by increasing spleen size and, in turn, boosting the number of oxygenated red blood cells when diving.  

Sara Brenner discusses why she took a break from academia to join the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, and what she hopes to accomplish there.

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Directly activating a heat sensor also sensitive to capsaicin in chili peppers in the hypothalamus had the same effect as exercise.

After losing his genitals in a roadside bomb explosion, the soldier endured a 14-hour surgery to have a donated penis, scrotum, and partial abdominal wall attached.

The relationship is independent of grantees’ scientific accomplishments.

The prominent researcher has been put on administrative leave pending an investigation into unspecified allegations.

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April 2018

Issue Cover: Neuron Nets

Macrophages play numerous roles within tumors, leaving cancer researchers with a choice: eliminate the cells or recruit them.

The neuronal coverings that mediate synaptic changes are involved in everything from memory to psychiatric disorders, affecting autism, Alzheimer’s, and addiction.

Multidrug combinations lead to better results for cancer patients, but efficiently identifying them is proving difficult.

After I was diagnosed with brain cancer and started to lose my mental health, the importance of my job came into clear focus.


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Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

Researchers use several different strategies to deliver a one-two punch.

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Visualizing neuronal connections is highly important for understanding brain organization and pathophysiology. However, this data has historically been obtained through invasive and often terminal procedures. Technological advances have permitted the development of a new era of neuroanatomical tracing techniques.   

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Microfluidic modulation spectroscopy (MMS) analysis combines laser spectroscopy, microfluidics, and signal processing to provide direct, label free measurements, giving researchers information on higher order structure, aggregate formation, protein stability, and concentration. Download this white paper from RedShiftBio to learn more about MMS!

Isotype control antibodies are essential negative controls for in vivo studies and can play an important role in standard immunoassays. Download this white paper from Crown Bioscience to learn why isotype controls are important, how to select them, and why they should not be substituted for other alternatives (PBS, secondary only, or polyclonal pools).

Unlike traditional lipophilic membrane dyes like DiO and DiI, CellBrite™ Fix dyes are fluorogenic lipophilic dyes that covalently bind the surface of live cells. The staining is simple, rapid, and much more uniform than other membrane dyes. Most importantly, surface staining is retained after fixation and permeabilization for immunofluorescence or other co-staining.

A rapid and inexpensive fluorescence method for screening conditions that affect protein thermal stability, such as protein mutations, ligand binding, and buffer formulations (like pH, salts, detergents, and other additives).

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I remember watching GATTACA with some other grad students in the 90's, we liked it but laughed at the 'impossible' fast sequencing done to validate people's identities. Now we do seven impossible things before breakfast, so to speak.

Allison Mackay, commenting on The Scientist's story about a new, hand-held sequencer that can reportedly decode the entire human genome.

Pocket-Size Nanopore Device Sequences Entire Human Genome