Leaping Larvae Intrigue Scientists
Chloe Tenn | Jan 20, 2022
The Scientist spoke with entomologist Matt Bertone about the characteristics of Laemophloeus biguttatus larvae jumps—a previously unreported behavior in this group of beetles.
octopus blue
What Scientists Learned by Putting Octopuses in MRI Machines
Chloe Tenn | Jan 20, 2022
The size and complexity of cephalopod brain structures differ depending on the habitats the creatures occupy, a study finds.
Photo of older woman dressed in blue smiling and looking at the camera
Cancer Researcher Beatrice Mintz Dies at 100
Natalia Mesa | Jan 20, 2022
Mintz’s experiments over her six-decade career were foundational to cancer and genetics research.
chemical visualization of a G-quadruplex
Strange DNA Structures Linked to Cancer
Sophie Fessl | Jan 19, 2022
A study reveals a connection between the loss of enzymes responsible for removing methyl groups from DNA, nucleic acid knots, and cancer development in mice.
line of people waiting outside mass vaccination site
“Nocebo” Effect May Cause Majority of COVID-19 Vaccine Symptoms
Natalia Mesa | Jan 18, 2022
A negative version of the placebo effect may be behind many instances of mild side effects associated with the jabs, a study suggests.
teacher in front of a classroom
Opinion: Teach Philosophy of Science in High School
Nicholas Friedman, Stephen Esser | Jan 17, 2022
The pandemic has revealed the importance of preparing students to critically evaluate the conceptual foundations and real-world impact of science.
stone panel depicting a horselike animal led by ropes around the neck
Ancient Mesopotamians Bred Horselike Hybrids
Chris Baraniuk | Jan 14, 2022
A genomics study reveals the parentage of a long-mysterious creature called a kunga, the earliest-known hybrid animal bred by humans.
Rapid antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2
Are Rapid Tests Worse at Detecting Omicron—and Does It Matter?
Catherine Offord | Jan 14, 2022
Anecdotal reports and results from small studies on the diagnostics’ accuracy have prompted questions about the devices’ usage with the new variant, but researchers say more data are needed and emphasize the continued importance of SARS-CoV-2 testing.
A person lying on a bed checks the reading on a digital thermometer. A table with a bowl of oranges and various medications is in the background.
How Mild Is Omicron Really?
Dan Robitzski | Jan 14, 2022
Early reports that Omicron causes less-severe disease than Delta seem to be borne out, but it’s not yet clear to what extent that’s due to the variant itself versus the populations it’s infecting.