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image: Nobel-Winning Biochemist Paul Boyer Dies

Nobel-Winning Biochemist Paul Boyer Dies

By Shawna Williams | June 7, 2018

The UCLA researcher was lauded for figuring out how ATP synthase works.


The Nobel laureate was the first to identify an enzyme moving material across the cell membrane.

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The physician-scientist recruited future Nobel Prize winners to build the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas into a first-rate institution. 


image: Nobel Prize–Winning Biologist Dies

Nobel Prize–Winning Biologist Dies

By Catherine Offord | February 20, 2018

Günter Blobel, known for his work on the signal hypothesis of protein targeting, has died from cancer at age 81.

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The scientist was a member of a stem cell research team led by Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka. 


image: Former US Energy Secretary to Lead AAAS

Former US Energy Secretary to Lead AAAS

By Diana Kwon | January 10, 2018

Steven Chu, the president-elect of the scientific organization, is a Nobel laureate and physicist at Stanford University.


image: Those We Lost in 2017

Those We Lost in 2017

By Katarina Zimmer | December 27, 2017

The scientific community bid farewell to a number of luminaries this year. 


Among this year’s winners are a geneticist who revealed how plants respond to shade and a group of physicists who mapped the universe’s background radiation.

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image: Meet the Press, 1967

Meet the Press, 1967

By Kerry Grens | December 1, 2017

Fifty years ago, Arthur Kornberg announced to reporters that his team had synthesized functional DNA.


image: Pioneer of Crystallography Dies

Pioneer of Crystallography Dies

By Katarina Zimmer | October 27, 2017

Isabella Karle has passed away at age 95. 


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