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image: Another Retraction for Discredited Researcher

Another Retraction for Discredited Researcher

By Jim Daley | May 25, 2018

Robert Ryan resigned from the University of Dundee in 2016 following an investigation of misconduct.

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The University of Tokyo confirmed last August that Yoshinori Watanabe tampered with research-related images, and dismissed him in late April.


image: OSU Professor Falsified Data on Eight Papers, Resigns

OSU Professor Falsified Data on Eight Papers, Resigns

By Catherine Offord | April 2, 2018

Ching-Shih Chen’s research involved anticancer therapeutics that were being tested in clinical trials.


image: Italian Scientist’s Retraction Count Hits 15

Italian Scientist’s Retraction Count Hits 15

By Diana Kwon | March 5, 2018

Alfredo Fusco, a once prominent cancer researcher, has been under investigation for alleged research misconduct since 2012.


The correspondence points to routine data-massaging at a high-profile lab.

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The scientist was a member of a stem cell research team led by Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka. 


Fazlul Sarkar had unsuccessfully sued PubPeer to reveal the identity of a commenter who accused him of research misconduct.


image: Mass Resignation from <em>Scientific Reports</em>’s Editorial Board

Mass Resignation from Scientific Reports’s Editorial Board

By Catherine Offord | November 7, 2017

Nineteen researchers have stepped down after the journal decided not to retract a paper that they say plagiarized the work of a Johns Hopkins biomedical scientist.


image: Professor Sues <em>PNAS</em> Over Paper Criticisms

Professor Sues PNAS Over Paper Criticisms

By Kerry Grens | November 2, 2017

Stanford’s Mark Jacobson is asking for $10 million in damages after the journal published a critique of his work on renewable energy.


The group calls for the retraction of six publications by surgeon Paolo Macchiarini regarding the synthetic trachea transplantations that led to the death of at least three patients. 


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