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A Florida teenager is the first person with a confirmed infection by the mosquito-borne virus.


image: Image of the Day: Multiple Choice

Image of the Day: Multiple Choice

By Sukanya Charuchandra | June 19, 2018

Photosynthesis can happen in more than one way.  


What we can know about biology before the last universal common ancestor is limited—and we should be circumspect in filling in the gaps.


Acute bouts of diarrhea could have lasting effects on the microbiota and host immune system activation, a mouse study suggests.

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image: This Flu Season Killed 172 Kids

This Flu Season Killed 172 Kids

By Sukanya Charuchandra | June 11, 2018

Vaccination reduced the risk of death by two-thirds for children with no other health problems.  


The receptors, found in so-called elite controllers who don’t need medications to keep the virus in check, suggest a new path toward immunotherapy.

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Computational biologists are optimistic that the purchase of the world’s largest hub for open-source computer code will not affect the way they use GitHub for science.


image: Dogs in Southern China Host Several Strains of Flu

Dogs in Southern China Host Several Strains of Flu

By Sukanya Charuchandra | June 6, 2018

They may be a prospective source for an influenza pandemic, researchers warn.  


The results suggest the virus could severely alter brain development in infants infected after birth, but blocking a signaling protein early on might ease certain symptoms.


Compared with their urban counterparts, babies and toddlers in rural Nigeria have gut microbiota that more closely resembles that of adults in their community.


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