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Doctors treated the fetus, who has alpha thalassemia major, with cells from her mother’s bone marrow.


image: Army Surgeons Grow Ear in Soldier’s Arm

Army Surgeons Grow Ear in Soldier’s Arm

By Catherine Offord | May 11, 2018

The woman’s own cartilage was used to construct the transplant after she lost her left ear in a car crash.

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After losing his genitals in a roadside bomb explosion, the soldier endured a 14-hour surgery to have a donated penis, scrotum, and partial abdominal wall attached.


image: Human Brain Organoids Thrive in Mouse Brains

Human Brain Organoids Thrive in Mouse Brains

By Ashley Yeager | April 16, 2018

After implantation, the tissue developed blood vessels and became integrated into neuronal networks in the animals’ brains.

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image: 2017 in Quotes

2017 in Quotes

By Catherine Offord | December 28, 2017

Gender discrimination, Brexit, and climate change are among the issues that have received considerable attention from the scientific community this year.


The group calls for the retraction of six publications by surgeon Paolo Macchiarini regarding the synthetic trachea transplantations that led to the death of at least three patients. 


image: Image of the Day: Brand New Bowel

Image of the Day: Brand New Bowel

By The Scientist Staff | October 13, 2017

Using human stems cells and segments of rat intestines, scientists engineer bowels that are capable of absorbing nutrients.


Tissue recipients were treated as “guinea pigs,” says investigation leader.


Four products have already qualified for the regenerative medicine advanced therapy (RMAT) designation that provides extra interactions with the agency, and sooner.


The diabetic volunteer continued to produce insulin one year after she received a transplant of abdominal islet cells.


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