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image: Opinion: We Must Demand Evidence of Peer Review

Opinion: We Must Demand Evidence of Peer Review

By Nikolai Slavov | May 21, 2018

Peer review varies in quality and thoroughness. Making it publicly available could improve it.


A consortium of institutions will not renew its contract with the publisher that ends in June, following the lead of organizations in other countries.

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The agency says it has taken various steps to ensure the privacy of participants’ data. 


image: Book Excerpt from <em>The Power of Rare</em>

Book Excerpt from The Power of Rare

By Victoria Jackson and Michael Yeaman | May 1, 2018

In chapter 4, “Building a Cure Machine,” author Victoria Jackson reveals the challenges in launching a foundation focused on funding research on a rare disease.


image: Ten-Minute Sabbatical

Ten-Minute Sabbatical

By The Scientist Staff | May 1, 2018

Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse.


Despite some difficult negotiations, academic institutions in the Netherlands have been securing subscriptions that combine publishing and reading into one fee.


More than 2,000 signatories urge a national consortium of French academic institutions to refuse an increase in journal subscription fees.


image: A Neuroscientist’s Journey Through Madness

A Neuroscientist’s Journey Through Madness

By Barbara Lipska with Elaine McArdle | April 1, 2018

After I was diagnosed with brain cancer and started to lose my mental health, the importance of my job came into clear focus.


Negotiations between the publisher and a national consortium of academic institutions have reached a stalemate.

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Eight papers by Suchitra Sumitran-Holgersson, a tissue engineer at the University of Gothenburg, have been flagged for image manipulation.


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