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image: Pancreatic Cell Size Negatively Relates to Lifespan in Mammals

Pancreatic Cell Size Negatively Relates to Lifespan in Mammals

By Sukanya Charuchandra | June 19, 2018

Species with larger pancreatic cells tend to have shorter lives, according to a study.  


image: Blood Test Predicts Pregnancy Due Date

Blood Test Predicts Pregnancy Due Date

By Kerry Grens | June 7, 2018

A small study based on circulating RNA in the blood of moms-to-be describes a technique that could be used to help predict who’s most at risk of preterm labor.


Luna DNA, Nebula Genomics, and other “bio-brokers” will allow customers to make money by granting access to their genetic and personal information for research purposes.

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image: Meet the Leechmeister

Meet the Leechmeister

By The Scientist Staff | June 1, 2018

See the American Museum of Natural History curator Mark Sidall explain his fascination with leeches, which he and other scientists are using to infer biodiversity in some far-flung places.


image: Surveying Biodiversity with Leeches

Surveying Biodiversity with Leeches

By Diana Kwon | June 1, 2018

Scientists are searching for signatures of mammals within the blood meals of the invertebrates.

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The finding confirms that a cluster of cells that directs the fate of other cells in the developing embryo is evolutionarily conserved across the animal kingdom.


The extracellular matrix appears to inhibit regeneration; but scientists debate whether heart muscle really comes back.  


image: Image of the Day: Swiss Army Crustacean

Image of the Day: Swiss Army Crustacean

By The Scientist Staff | May 2, 2018

The tools researchers used to study how this amphipod’s limbs develop could help inform our understanding of cell lineages and fates.


Researchers stumbled across the connection while searching for ways to reduce vision problems in people with achromatopsia.


The devices, which could one day treat children with esophageal atresia and short bowel, were recently tested in pigs.


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