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As the first personalized cell and gene therapies are approved from small clinical trials, researchers propose the creation of publicly accessible databases to pull together real-world results.  


The extracellular matrix appears to inhibit regeneration; but scientists debate whether heart muscle really comes back.  


image: Image of the Day: Swiss Army Crustacean

Image of the Day: Swiss Army Crustacean

By The Scientist Staff | May 2, 2018

The tools researchers used to study how this amphipod’s limbs develop could help inform our understanding of cell lineages and fates.


Researchers stumbled across the connection while searching for ways to reduce vision problems in people with achromatopsia.


The devices, which could one day treat children with esophageal atresia and short bowel, were recently tested in pigs.


A trio of papers provide new insight into embryo development.


image: New Ovarian Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise

New Ovarian Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise

By Catherine Offord | April 12, 2018

A preliminary clinical trial finds that the personalized therapy improves survival rates and has no severe side-effects.

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image: Vision Restored: The Latest Technologies to Improve Sight

Vision Restored: The Latest Technologies to Improve Sight

By Anna Azvolinsky | April 10, 2018

Cell implants, gene therapy, even optogenetics are making headway in clinical trials to treat various forms of blindness.  


Applications for Phase 1 and 2 human studies in Germany frequently lack sufficient information about an intervention’s efficacy in animal experiments, according to a new study.  

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With three recent FDA approvals, and a number of Phase 3 trials ongoing, the drugs are seeing a surge in interest.


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