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Sexual Politics and Science: Two Predicaments

By Alexander McPherson and May C. Morris | April 1, 2009

A Matter of Conscience Editor's Note (March 31). The April issue of The Scientist includes an Opinion entitled "A Matter of Conscience" in which Alexander McPherson laid out his objections to sexual harassment training at the University of California at Irvine. In the meantime McPherson has participated in the training, for reasons given in the update below. The Opinion article follows the update. My conflict with the University of Califo


The Economic Stimulus and Science

By Alastair J.J. Wood | March 1, 2009

A fixed percentage of a country's GDP should be committed to research.


Time for an IP Share Market?

By James Lyons-Weiler | February 1, 2009

Direct investment in market-valued intellectual property could drive translational success.


Tackling Human Resources in Africa

By Odile Oukem-Boyer, Appolinaire Djikeng, Giulia Cappelli, and Pierre Fouda | January 1, 2009

How one institute leverages overseas talent to develop its research strategy.


Disease Prevention in Islamic Countries

By Ali Ardalan, Kawkab Shishani, Abdel Belal, Kuntoro, Ghada Ahmad for the OIC NCD | November 1, 2008

A network of international experts is setting up a Supercourse to meet the challenge.


What Makes Science 'Science'?

By James Williams | October 1, 2008

Trainee teachers don't have a clue, and most scientists probably don't either. That's bad news.


Foundation-led Drug Discovery

By Robert E. Pacifici and David P. Rankin | September 1, 2008

Virtual biotechs target and develop translational research.


A Head Start

By Justin Jefferson | August 1, 2008

How an undergraduate internship helped a student from the projects explore his love of science.


More Women at the Top

By Katharine A. Gleason, Rosalyn C. Richman, Page S. Morahan | August 1, 2008

One program's success in preparing and sustaining women for leadership in the sciences.


Mobilizing Students for Change

By Sandeep P. Kishore | July 1, 2008

An organization focused on neglected diseases links trainees North and South.

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