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Marine Animals: Clear Models For Medical Science

By | May 30, 1988

The icefish totally lacks red blood cells or hemoglobin. Is it possible that this fish has a secret to share with human anemics? The male anglerfish grafts itself to the female in order to reproduce. What if scientists could learn how better to overcome transplantation incompatibility from the angler couple? Sharks rarely develop cancerous tumors. Do they benefit from an as yet undetected protective mechanism against malignant neoplasms that could prove useful in treating human cancer victims?


On The Crest Of A Superconductivity Tsunami

By | May 16, 1988

Research On The Crest Of A Superconductivity Tsunami AUTHOR:DAVID PENDLEBURY Date: May 16, 1988 For a world awash in preprints, published papers, and press releases on superconductivity, we have IBM researchers J.G. Bednorz and KA. Miller to thank. Their 1986 article reporting superconductivity in a copper oxide compound at 35 K, opened the floodgates to several hundred superconductivity publications in the early months of 1987. The accompanying graph, based on data from the Institute for Scien


In recognition of the longstanding need in the biomedical research. Used Equipment When an institution is awarded a government research grant or contract to perform work for which equipment must be obtained, it is a good idea to inquire whether the necessary pieces may be available through the Excess Property program of the particular agency for which the work is being done. Federal agencies that award research grants and contracts to profit-making organizations usually retain title to any


Resuscitating Superstring Theory

By | November 16, 1987

The goal of elementary particle physics is to achieve a unified understanding of fundamental forces (gravitational, electromagnetic and nuclear) and elementary particlesin terms of concise and beautiful mathematical principles. This program was pioneered by Einstein, who lacked sufficient experimental information to achieve a unified field theory. Building on the lessons of the last 25 years we may now be on the verge of realizing Einstein’s dream. Curiously, superstring theory, the pri


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