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image: Opinion: We Have Been Naive About Naive T Cells

Opinion: We Have Been Naive About Naive T Cells

By Theo van den Broek, José A.M. Borghans, and Femke van Wijk | April 6, 2018

Human naive T cells are far more heterogeneous than has long been appreciated, having implications for vaccine strategies.


Researchers identified thousands of immature neurons in the brain region, countering a recent result showing little, if any, signs of neurogenesis.

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In the largest study of its kind to date, researchers find more than 850 rare, heritable genetic alterations that can predispose humans to cancer.

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The findings highlight the need for long-term monitoring of children exposed to the virus, say scientists. 


Negotiations between the publisher and a national consortium of academic institutions have reached a stalemate.

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image: Frogs Fight Back From Fungal Attack

Frogs Fight Back From Fungal Attack

By Ruth Williams | March 29, 2018

A decade after chytridiomycosis killed scores of amphibians in Panama, some species are recovering. New research indicates why.  

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image: Is the Interstitium Really a New Organ?

Is the Interstitium Really a New Organ?

By Abby Olena | March 28, 2018

A study confirms that the spaces between cells are fluid-filled, rather than tightly packed with connective tissue, but pathologists say the findings’ implications remain to be seen.


The drugs’ disruption of the microbiome makes a subsequent flavivirus infection more severe.


The Scientist looks at one such Houston-based purveyor that has been treating patients abroad for years with mesenchymal stem cells.    


Mice who get less attention from their mothers have more copies of a common retrotransposon in the genomes of their hippocampal neurons.


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