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Computational biologists are optimistic that the purchase of the world’s largest hub for open-source computer code will not affect the way they use GitHub for science.


Almost half of all patents relating to the genes of marine organisms belong to one large international corporation, BASF, a new study reveals.  

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Researchers find that conserving marsupials on a predator-free island dampens their avoidance behaviors, which could mean trouble for their reintroduction to mainland Australia.


image: Human-Specific Genes Implicated in Brain Size

Human-Specific Genes Implicated in Brain Size

By Abby Olena | May 31, 2018

Three members of a gene family called NOTCH2NL may have been involved in the evolution of humans’ big cortex.


Genetic adaptations for human brain development also make us vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study.  


image: Patent On Autism Genetic Test May Stifle Science

Patent On Autism Genetic Test May Stifle Science

By Jessica Wright | May 30, 2018

LabCorp might be able to charge a licensing fee to any scientists who wish to sequence the gene HOMER1 in people who may have autism.


image: Opinion: How to Use Mobile Apps for Immunohistochemistry

Opinion: How to Use Mobile Apps for Immunohistochemistry

By Alexander E. Kalyuzhny | May 25, 2018

This guide for apps comes from personal experience testing various programs aimed to improve productivity or to help with selecting reagents.


Researchers have been using ultrasound to control brain activity, but studies in mice and guinea pigs show it also stimulates the auditory system, presenting a confounder for direct neural stimulation.


Determining which products of advanced biotechnology are deserving of legal protections is essential to our own social architecture.


A new statistical method finds that many genetic variants used to determine trait-disease relationships may have additional effects that GWAS analyses don’t pick up.


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