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Craig Venter's DNA

By Alla Katsnelson | September 4, 2007

J. Craig Venter, famed geneticist (and member of The Scientist's linkurl:editorial board; ) who this summer made headlines with the development of a technique for creating a linkurl:synthetic; bacterial cell, once again hit the news with today's linkurl:publication; of his own genome in a paper

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Have a question about pandas?

By Ivan Oransky | August 31, 2007

In May, we brought you a linkurl:story; by Jerry Guo, who traveled to China to report on efforts to boost that country's population of pandas. (See a slideshow about the panda facility linkurl:here; .) One of the people Guo interviewed was Lu Zhi, director of Conservation International's China office. Zhi questioned some of China's efforts, especially those at Wolong Nature Reserve, which is planning


NIH to bank genome-wide association data

By Alla Katsnelson | August 29, 2007

As of January 25, 2008, researchers conducting genome-wide association studies with NIH funding will be required to submit their data, stripped of information that could identify individual study participants, to the a linkurl:central repository; at the National Library of Medicine. The database will allow researchers not connected with an original study to mine another lab?s data in search of further gene associations. linkurl:Plans;ht


Questions about NIH agency chief linger

By Bob Grant | August 29, 2007

One lawmaker has levied more allegations of mismanagement against linkurl:David Schwartz; , director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Last week, Schwartz temporarily stepped down from his position while the National Institutes of Health, which oversees NIEHS, conducts a linkurl:"comprehensive review of the management and leadership"; at the agency. Senator linkurl:Charles Grassley


Head scientist leaves CIRM

By Bob Grant | August 27, 2007

Arlene Chiu, the interim chief scientific officer at the linkurl:California Institute for Regenerative Medicine; , has announced that she will step down from her post at the end of October. In a CIRM statement Chiu writes that she'll be moving from San Francisco, where CIRM is headquartered to her home in Los Angeles to "pursue new professional directions." Chiu will serve as a consultant to the agency through April 2008, advising newly chosen

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HHMI pays for open access

By Alison McCook | August 21, 2007

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has decided to pay article processing charges if HHMI-funded scientists choose to publish in open access journals from BioMed Central (BMC). Articles published in BMC journals will be immediately free on the Web. The current BMC linkurl:article-processing charge; ranges from $500 to $2400, depending on the journal. These charges will not come out of an HHMI investigator's budget, so will therefore be in a

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Has pharmacogenomics arrived?

By Alla Katsnelson | August 17, 2007

The FDA yesterday linkurl:updated the label; on a widely used blood thinner, warfarin, to include information about how a patient's genes will linkurl:predict response; to the drug. Patients with certain genetic variations should receive a lower dose of the drug, according to the added text. Although a handful of drugs already note such genetic information on their labels, most of these are


Anthrax incident in Mississippi

By Andrea Gawrylewski | August 15, 2007

A graduate researcher at the linkurl:University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMC); in Jackson, Mississippi, was treated for exposure to anthrax on Saturday (August 11), according to a news release from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The researcher was working in the Biosafety Level 3 high containment lab on Saturday, August 11, where UMC conducts anthrax research. According to the UMC release, the student inoculated a flask of medium with anthrax cells and,


Hold members of Congress accountable

By Alla Katsnelson | August 13, 2007

When linkurl:Research!America; polled the US public in July on biomedical research and health care issues, 70% of registered voters who participated believed that the country's primacy in biomedical research is slipping. Almost half believed that the country must boost linkurl:NIH funding;, and more than half supported federal funding for linkurl:embryonic stem cell research;


No backing down on bisphenol A

By Alison McCook | August 13, 2007

A 12-member NIH panel is linkurl:disagreeing; with a scientific consensus statement published this month about the health hazards of linkurl:bisphenol; A, a common component of plastics. In the statement, in Reproductive Toxicology, 38 scientists warn that the product may cause serious human reproductive disorders. As linkurl:we reported; in F

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