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image: Chair of Chemical Safety Board to Step Down

Chair of Chemical Safety Board to Step Down

By Ashley Yeager | May 25, 2018

Vanessa Allen Sutherland will resign next month, leaving the agency with just three members of what should be a five-person board.


image: Congress Passes “Right to Try” Bill

Congress Passes “Right to Try” Bill

By Jim Daley | May 23, 2018

Medical groups have criticized the legislation, which will give terminal patients access to experimental treatments, as dangerous and unnecessary.


image: Ebola Update: Funding, Vaccines, and More Deaths in DRC

Ebola Update: Funding, Vaccines, and More Deaths in DRC

By Catherine Offord | May 23, 2018

A total of 27 people have died since April, but new funds and the deployment of an experimental vaccine are expected to help contain the virus.


image: Nipah Virus Kills 10 in India

Nipah Virus Kills 10 in India

By Kerry Grens | May 22, 2018

Fruit bats are a reservoir for the disease, which can cause brain damage.


Fall served in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Barack Obama.


A pilot program announced last month will consider combining announced and surprise inspections.


A study of 686 fish and invertebrates predicts that some animals will have to shift more than 1,000 kilometers to stay within tolerable temperatures.


A consortium of institutions will not renew its contract with the publisher that ends in June, following the lead of organizations in other countries.

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Men received both more and larger grants than women did, ending up with three times as much funding on average.


As the virus spreads in Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization is preparing to immunize people as soon as this week.

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