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Victoria, a southern white rhino at the San Diego Zoo, was impregnated by artificial insemination on March 22 and, if all goes well, will birth the calf in summer 2019.


Men received both more and larger grants than women did, ending up with three times as much funding on average.


image: “Minibrains” May Soon Include Neanderthal DNA

“Minibrains” May Soon Include Neanderthal DNA

By Ashley Yeager | May 14, 2018

Brain organoids engineered to carry the genetic material could reveal how our brains are similar to and different from those of our closest relatives.


image: Army Surgeons Grow Ear in Soldier’s Arm

Army Surgeons Grow Ear in Soldier’s Arm

By Catherine Offord | May 11, 2018

The woman’s own cartilage was used to construct the transplant after she lost her left ear in a car crash.

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image: Measles Cases On the Rise in England

Measles Cases On the Rise in England

By Jim Daley | May 11, 2018

The increase is associated with travel to Europe, where large outbreaks are occurring.


Sequencing of a single gene can spot patients with a dangerous form of mycosis fungoides better than other prognostic tests.  


The microbiologist was known for his work on bacterial antibiotic resistance and infectious disease.


The country’s health ministry and the World Health Organization rush to contain the new outbreak.

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image: Cell Biologist Andreas Doncic Dies

Cell Biologist Andreas Doncic Dies

By Kerry Grens | May 7, 2018

The young UT Southwestern professor studied cell fate in yeast and was about to publish the first results from his lab.


The UK-based biomedical research charity says researchers or institutions that fail to report misconduct will risk losing grants.


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