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image: Chinese Miracle Pig Cloned

Chinese Miracle Pig Cloned

By Bob Grant | September 21, 2011

Scientists have cloned a castrated male hog that survived for more than a month buried in the rubble after a massive 2008 earthquake in China.


image: Stem Cell Funding in Court…Again

Stem Cell Funding in Court…Again

By Jef Akst | September 20, 2011

Two scientists have appealed the ruling to allow federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research.


image: Mammoth Blood in the ER?

Mammoth Blood in the ER?

By Rachel Nuwer | September 19, 2011

A 35,000-year old woolly mammoth blood protein may aid in contemporary medical procedures.


image: Research Fund Used for Political Ends

Research Fund Used for Political Ends

By Edyta Zielinska | September 19, 2011

Research money from the oil industry was used by University of Calgary academics to promote skepticism about human-caused climate change.


image: New Drug Toxicity Chip

New Drug Toxicity Chip

By Jef Akst | September 19, 2011

The NIH, FDA, and DARPA are teaming up to develop a chip to test drug toxicities as one of the first projects of the NIH's new translational research center.


image: NSF Faces Budget Cuts

NSF Faces Budget Cuts

By Tia Ghose | September 16, 2011

A Senate panel has reduced the National Science Foundation’s budget by $162 million for the upcoming fiscal year.


image: Chinese Biosafety Concerns

Chinese Biosafety Concerns

By Edyta Zielinska | September 14, 2011

A bacterial outbreak at a Chinese University prompts the firing of administrators and highlights more systemic concerns.


image: Fluorescent Cats Aid Research

Fluorescent Cats Aid Research

By Rachel Nuwer | September 13, 2011

Tiny, adorable and…green? Glowing kittens may answer questions about neurobiology and disease.


image: Get Your Gut Sequenced

Get Your Gut Sequenced

By Jef Akst | September 8, 2011

A new non-profit endeavor is calling for people to get their gut bacteria sequenced for the sake of science.


image: Big Boost to African Cassava Project

Big Boost to African Cassava Project

By Bob Grant | September 7, 2011

Philanthropic organizations devote millions to a research project aiming to develop genetically modified, virus-resistant versions of a Sub-Saharan staple crop.


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