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image: How Corpse-Eating Beetles Avoid Infection

How Corpse-Eating Beetles Avoid Infection

By Yao-Hua Law | June 1, 2018

Some beetle species may have evolved to tunnel into the ground to escape the pathogens that abound on dead and rotting animals.


image: Researchers Grow Veggies in Space

Researchers Grow Veggies in Space

By Ashley Yeager | June 1, 2018

Experiments to cultivate greens on the International Space Station and in simulated Martian environments pave the way for feeding crews during deep space missions.


image: Surveying Biodiversity with Leeches

Surveying Biodiversity with Leeches

By Diana Kwon | June 1, 2018

Scientists are searching for signatures of mammals within the blood meals of the invertebrates.

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image: Why Bats Make Such Good Viral Hosts

Why Bats Make Such Good Viral Hosts

By Katarina Zimmer | June 1, 2018

The bat version of the STING protein helps dampen the mammals' immune response to infection, researchers have found.


Researchers stumbled across the connection while searching for ways to reduce vision problems in people with achromatopsia.


Research suggests that the invasive, all-female Procambarus virginalis originated in a German aquarium back in the 1990s.


The devices, which could one day treat children with esophageal atresia and short bowel, were recently tested in pigs.


Researchers at the Rare Genomics Institute look at how families finance the cost of diagnostic exome sequencing.


Mutations in the TP53 gene appear to influence the prognosis and likelihood of future cancers in pediatric leukemia patients.


Social insects kill infected individuals for the benefit of the colony—and now a study has shown how they know who’s sick.

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