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image: Image of the Day: Ant Attack!

Image of the Day: Ant Attack!

By The Scientist Staff | April 24, 2018

A new species of ant discovered in Borneo fends off invaders with a uniquely suicidal strategy.

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The chemist examined the role of activated oxygen molecules in biological processes.


image: Image of the Day: Snowflake

Image of the Day: Snowflake

By The Scientist Staff | November 30, 2017

Scientists take a close look at metal alloys that form snowflake-like structures called crystalline dendrites.


image: Pioneer of Crystallography Dies

Pioneer of Crystallography Dies

By Katarina Zimmer | October 27, 2017

Isabella Karle has passed away at age 95. 


image: Building Blocks of Life May Have Formed in Water Droplets

Building Blocks of Life May Have Formed in Water Droplets

By Ashley Yeager | October 23, 2017

Reactions that generate fundamental components of the cell run smoothly in microdroplets, study shows.


Chemistry Nobel goes to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank, and Richard Henderson. 

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image: Metabolomics Data Under Scrutiny

Metabolomics Data Under Scrutiny

By Ashley P. Taylor | September 15, 2017

Out of 25,000 features originally detected by metabolic profiling of E. coli, fewer than 1,000 represent unique metabolites, a study finds.


image: Crystallography Innovator Dies

Crystallography Innovator Dies

By Kerry Grens | June 26, 2017

Philip Coppens, who developed photocrystallography, has passed away at age 86.


image: Tetracycline Inventor Dies

Tetracycline Inventor Dies

By Kerry Grens | March 15, 2017

Lloyd Conover, a longtime chemist at Pfizer, pioneered the concept of chemically altering natural antibiotics to create new drugs.


image: Image of the Day: Tied Up

Image of the Day: Tied Up

By The Scientist Staff | January 13, 2017

Scientists created the world’s tiniest molecular knot, only 192 atoms in length, using iron ions to guide the braiding process.


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