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A study finds two species of guenon monkeys in Tanzania have been mating and producing fertile offspring for generations.

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image: Genetic Adaptation to Cold Brought Migraines With It

Genetic Adaptation to Cold Brought Migraines With It

By Viviane Callier | May 3, 2018

Humans living in higher latitudes tend to have a variant of a gene involved in sensing cold temperatures, but it comes with a cost.  


image: Image of the Day: A-maize-ing!

Image of the Day: A-maize-ing!

By The Scientist Staff | May 3, 2018

By combining alleles involved in plant height, an agricultural scientist has grown the world’s tallest cornstalk, breaking his own record set in 2017.


The agency says it has taken various steps to ensure the privacy of participants’ data. 


image: Reprogrammed Cells Treat Diabetes in Mice

Reprogrammed Cells Treat Diabetes in Mice

By Abby Olena | May 2, 2018

Researchers used a trio of transcription factors to transform pancreatic duct cells in vivo into β-like cells that secrete insulin and improve diabetes symptoms.


The CEO of a biomedical startup had made headlines this year when he injected himself with an untested herpes vaccine in front of an audience.


image: Ali’s Journey

Ali’s Journey

By The Scientist Staff | May 1, 2018

Ali Guthy, the daughter of cosmetics entrepreneur Victoria Jackson, discusses NMO, the rare autoimmune disease she suffers from.


image: Among the Amish, c. 1960s

Among the Amish, c. 1960s

By Diana Kwon | May 1, 2018

Victor McKusick’s pioneering investigations provided insight into hereditary disorders.


image: Book Excerpt from <em>The Power of Rare</em>

Book Excerpt from The Power of Rare

By Victoria Jackson and Michael Yeaman | May 1, 2018

In chapter 4, “Building a Cure Machine,” author Victoria Jackson reveals the challenges in launching a foundation focused on funding research on a rare disease.


image: Bullets and Ballots

Bullets and Ballots

By Bob Grant | May 1, 2018

Researching the rare, but all-too-common, disease of gun violence in America will take a concerted political effort.


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