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image: $400M for Personalized Medicine

$400M for Personalized Medicine

By Edyta Zielinska | December 8, 2011

The National Institutes of Health promises about $400 million to help get personalized genetics into the clinic.


image: Arsenic Bug's Genome Sequenced

Arsenic Bug's Genome Sequenced

By Bob Grant | December 7, 2011

Researchers have mapped out the DNA of what some scientists claim to be an arsenic loving bacterium.


image: The DNA Data Problem

The DNA Data Problem

By Bob Grant | December 5, 2011

Has life science reached a tipping point in how it handles mountains of genomic information?


image: Stem Cells: Old vs. New

Stem Cells: Old vs. New

By Bob Grant | December 2, 2011

A new study finds key differences between established and new human embryonic stem cell lines.


image: Stem Cells Traced To Heart

Stem Cells Traced To Heart

By Tia Ghose | December 1, 2011

New research suggests that a controversial class of stem cells originates in the heart and retains some ability to repair damaged tissue.


image: Sensing Fat

Sensing Fat

By Beverly J. Tepper and Kathleen L. Keller | December 1, 2011

Are genes that alter the perception of fat making us fat?


image: Teen DNA Detectives

Teen DNA Detectives

By Kerry Grens | December 1, 2011

Genomicist Mark Stoeckle and three high school students have taken do-it-yourself science to a new level. 


image: Barcode High

Barcode High

By Kerry Grens | December 1, 2011

The story of a group of high school students who, with the help of a Rockefeller University researcher, conducted and published studies on the biological provenance of sushi and teas from around New York City.


image: Breaching the Wall

Breaching the Wall

By Rachel Nuwer | December 1, 2011

Editor’s choice in immunology


image: Cancer’s Escape Routes

Cancer’s Escape Routes

By Tia Ghose | November 30, 2011

Scientists are beginning to discover myriad strategies tumors use to avoid attacks by anti-cancer drugs.


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