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Researchers have been using ultrasound to control brain activity, but studies in mice and guinea pigs show it also stimulates the auditory system, presenting a confounder for direct neural stimulation.


Determining which products of advanced biotechnology are deserving of legal protections is essential to our own social architecture.


image: Image of the Day: Cocoon

Image of the Day: Cocoon

By Sukanya Charuchandra | May 23, 2018

Researchers have taken inspiration from wild silk moths to craft fibers that can transport images.


image: Image of the Day: Lego Microscopy

Image of the Day: Lego Microscopy

By The Scientist Staff | May 16, 2018

With open-source software and Lego hardware, researchers have created a low-cost, automated method for cellular fluorescence microscopy.


In an ongoing legal battle, the University of California, Berkeley has challenged the Broad Institute’s patent claims on the gene editing technology.


image: Big Data in 3 Dimensions

Big Data in 3 Dimensions

By Jim Daley | May 1, 2018

Viewing oncogenic mutations in 3-D showed that they cluster together on folded proteins.


image: Mitochondrial Isolation System

Mitochondrial Isolation System

By Ruth Williams | May 1, 2018

A transgenic approach allows researchers to collect the organelles from specific cells in nematodes with unprecedented efficiency.


Adding a fusion gene to certain mitochondria in C. elegans enables researchers to collect and analyze them.


image: Image of the Day: Rainbotubules

Image of the Day: Rainbotubules

By The Scientist Staff | April 26, 2018

By combining two microscopy techniques, researchers produce images of structures less than 10 nanometers wide.


Researchers identified thousands of immature neurons in the brain region, countering a recent result showing little, if any, signs of neurogenesis.

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