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image: Men Trigger Mouse Stress

Men Trigger Mouse Stress

By Jef Akst | April 28, 2014

Mice become stressed in the presence of male, but not female, experimenters, triggering a physiological response that dampens pain.


image: NIH Tackles Irreproducibility

NIH Tackles Irreproducibility

By Jef Akst | January 28, 2014

The federal agency speaks out about how to improve the quality of scientific research.


image: Opinion: Video Saved the Scientific Publication

Opinion: Video Saved the Scientific Publication

By Moshe Pritsker | November 11, 2013

How visual materials and methods can save scientists time and money.


image: Microchannel Masterpiece

Microchannel Masterpiece

By Ruth Williams | December 1, 2012

A precision microfluidic system enables single-cell analysis of growth and division.


image: Opinion: Think Like Turing

Opinion: Think Like Turing

By Neil Greenspan | October 22, 2012

Biomedical researchers would benefit from emulating the logically rigorous reasoning of the late Alan Turing, British mathematician, computer scientist, and master cryptographer.


image: Opinion: Biased Observers of Nature

Opinion: Biased Observers of Nature

By Gordon M. Burghardt and Todd M. Freeberg | July 9, 2012

Potential biases in scientific data collection and analysis should be minimized.


image: Opinion: Missing Methods

Opinion: Missing Methods

By Irwin H. Gelman | May 3, 2012

A lack of methodological detail in the published literature threatens the foundation of scientific discourse.


image: Opinion: Data to Knowledge to Action

Opinion: Data to Knowledge to Action

By Eugene Kolker and Elizabeth Stewart | April 18, 2012

Introducing DELSA Global, a community initiative to connect experts, share data, and democratize science.


image: Malaria Death Toll Overestimated?

Malaria Death Toll Overestimated?

By Sabrina Richards | February 7, 2012

Scientists question data-gathering methods in a new study that estimates a doubling in global malaria deaths.


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