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Two large-scale studies reveal new insights into the genomic characteristics of childhood cancers.


image: Here Comes Single-Cell Optogenetics

Here Comes Single-Cell Optogenetics

By Ruth Williams | March 1, 2018

A new protein may allow researchers to home in on individual neurons, determining their activity minute by minute.

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image: New Methods to Detect CRISPR Off-Target Mutations

New Methods to Detect CRISPR Off-Target Mutations

By Sandeep Ravindran | March 1, 2018

Researchers have developed a variety of techniques to detect when CRISPR misses the mark.


image: Stressed Rodents Make Different Choices

Stressed Rodents Make Different Choices

By Katarina Zimmer | March 1, 2018

Chronic stress tweaks a circuit in the brain that influences how lab rodents make tough decisions. 


Research into the biological basis of gender identity is in its infancy, but clues are beginning to emerge.


image: Infographic: Searching for the Neural Basis of Gender

Infographic: Searching for the Neural Basis of Gender

By Shawna Williams | March 1, 2018

Brain studies have yielded a mixed picture of the neural similarities and differences between people of different genders.

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The variation may help explain why stocked salmon don’t fare as well in the ocean.

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Including microbiome composition in predictions of whether a person is obese can significantly improve their accuracy, according to an analysis.


The elimination of the biting pests was an added bonus after researchers unleashed a rat-eradication endeavor on the tiny islands.  


Gene flow between elephant species was a common feature of their evolutionary history.


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