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image: Army Surgeons Grow Ear in Soldier’s Arm

Army Surgeons Grow Ear in Soldier’s Arm

By Catherine Offord | May 11, 2018

The woman’s own cartilage was used to construct the transplant after she lost her left ear in a car crash.

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image: Measles Cases On the Rise in England

Measles Cases On the Rise in England

By Jim Daley | May 11, 2018

The increase is associated with travel to Europe, where large outbreaks are occurring.


The country’s health ministry and the World Health Organization rush to contain the new outbreak.

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The extracellular matrix appears to inhibit regeneration; but scientists debate whether heart muscle really comes back.  


In an ongoing legal battle, the University of California, Berkeley has challenged the Broad Institute’s patent claims on the gene editing technology.


Warmer weather is thought to be behind the rise in vector-borne illnesses in recent years.


The organs showed neural activity for up to 36 hours, adding fuel to discussions about the ethics of future neuroscientific research.


image: Big Data in 3 Dimensions

Big Data in 3 Dimensions

By Jim Daley | May 1, 2018

Viewing oncogenic mutations in 3-D showed that they cluster together on folded proteins.


image: Caught on Camera

Caught on Camera

By The Scientist Staff | May 1, 2018

Selected rare-disease Images of the Day from


Researchers stumbled across the connection while searching for ways to reduce vision problems in people with achromatopsia.


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