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A study finds two species of guenon monkeys in Tanzania have been mating and producing fertile offspring for generations.

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image: Image of the Day: Bird-of-Paradise

Image of the Day: Bird-of-Paradise

By The Scientist Staff | April 25, 2018

A unique courtship dance clued researchers in to the fact that they had a new species on their hands.


A group of around 300 whales produced 184 distinct songs over just a few years, according to a new study.


image: Image of the Day: Rainbow Butt

Image of the Day: Rainbow Butt

By The Scientist Staff | January 4, 2018

Scientists explore why male peacock spiders are so colorful. 

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image: Sound of the Day: Big Mouth Gulf Corvina

Sound of the Day: Big Mouth Gulf Corvina

By The Scientist Staff | December 20, 2017

Researchers document the loudest sound ever recorded in fish.


image: Tune Into the Animal Kingdom

Tune Into the Animal Kingdom

By The Scientist Staff | March 1, 2017

A survey of sounds from birds to whales to fruit flies to fish


image: Song of Ourselves

Song of Ourselves

By Bob Grant | March 1, 2017

“Nature’s melodies” may be a human construct that says more about us than about the musicality of other animals.


image: Guppie Porn

Guppie Porn

By The Scientist Staff | August 1, 2016

Biologist Carin Bondar delivers a TED talk about the wilder side of sex.


image: Hot Off the Presses

Hot Off the Presses

By Bob Grant | August 1, 2016

Idiot Brain, Wild Sex, Why Diets Make Us Fat, and The Ethics of Invention


image: Supergene Explains Ruff Mating

Supergene Explains Ruff Mating

By Jef Akst | November 18, 2015

Two sequencing studies reveal the genetics underlying the sexual behavior of the European and Asian birds.


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