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image: Robotic Birds Help Decode Avian Deception

Robotic Birds Help Decode Avian Deception

By Shawna Williams | December 1, 2017

Magpie-larks trick rivals with solo “duets” to defend territory.


image: Australian Magpie-Lark Duet

Australian Magpie-Lark Duet

By The Scientist Staff | December 1, 2017

The birds sing together to help defend their territory.


image: Consilience, Episode 2: In Tune

Consilience, Episode 2: In Tune

By Ben Andrew Henry | March 21, 2017

Ben Henry delves into the still-unanswered questions of where our musical preferences come from and what makes synesthetes tick.


image: Singing In the Brain

Singing In the Brain

By Anna Azvolinsky | March 1, 2017

His first love was dance, but Erich Jarvis has long courted another love—understanding how the brain learns vocalization.


image: Bird Brains Have Numerous Neurons

Bird Brains Have Numerous Neurons

By Tanya Lewis | June 14, 2016

Many avian species have more neurons than do mammals with similar-mass brains.

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image: Genome Digest

Genome Digest

By Jenny Rood | April 16, 2015

What researchers are learning as they sequence, map, and decode species’ genomes


image: Behavior Brief

Behavior Brief

By Jenny Rood | March 9, 2015

A round-up of recent discoveries in behavior research


image: Birdsong Breakdown

Birdsong Breakdown

By Tracy Vence | November 4, 2014

The hermit thrush favors harmonies like those in human music.


image: Leader in Birdsong Research Dies

Leader in Birdsong Research Dies

By Kerry Grens | October 29, 2014

Allison Doupe, a neuroscientist known for her work exploring the neural mechanisms of learning, has passed away.


image: Prominent Animal Behaviorist Dies

Prominent Animal Behaviorist Dies

By Jyoti Madhusoodanan | July 29, 2014

Peter Marler, best known for his groundbreaking work on bird song, has passed away at age 86. 


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