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Doctors report that a regimen of hormones, an antiemetic drug, and pumping gave the woman enough milk production to feed her baby exclusively breastmilk for six weeks.

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image: Sugars in Breast Milk Kill Pathogenic Bacteria: Study

Sugars in Breast Milk Kill Pathogenic Bacteria: Study

By Shawna Williams | August 22, 2017

Oligosaccharides from one mom wiped out a group B strep colony in culture.


Scientists think these apes switch to breastfeeding during periods of food scarcity.


Thirty percent of bacteria found in babies' guts came from mothers' milk, a study finds.

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image: Early-Life Microbiome

Early-Life Microbiome

By Tracy Vence | June 16, 2016

Analyzing the gut microbiomes of children from birth through toddlerhood, researchers tie compositional changes to birth mode, infant diet, and antibiotic therapy.


image: Breast Milk Primes Gut for Microbes

Breast Milk Primes Gut for Microbes

By Ruth Williams | May 5, 2016

Maternal antibodies engender a receptive gut environment for beneficial bacteria in newborn mice.


image: Breast Milk and Obesity

Breast Milk and Obesity

By Jef Akst | November 2, 2015

A study links components of a mother’s milk to her infant’s growth.


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