Fukushima Risk Less Than Feared

Cancers due to radiation will not increase in Japan, according to studies conducted in the wake of the 2011 nuclear disaster.

By | May 24, 2012

Nuclear power plant Dukovany, Czech RepublicWIKIMEDIA COMMONS, PETR ADAMEK

The radiation emitted during the Fukushima nuclear accident is unlikely to lead to increases in cancer, according to two separate studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR). Based on estimates of radiation doses received after the accident, even cases of cancer in the nuclear plant workers highest exposed will be difficult to attribute to radiation, according to the reports on radiation exposures in the first year after the accident.

Both the WHO and UNSCEAR assessed public exposure. “If there’s a health risk, it’s with the highly exposed workers,” Wolfgang Weiss, UNSCEAR’ chair, told Nature. More than 150 nuclear plant workers received high enough exposures to slightly raise their risk of cancer, but most civilians did not, according to the WHO’s evaluation.

UNSCEAR’s report calculated that the Japanese government's estimates of exposure were correct within a factor of ten, but surveys and interviews examining public attitudes show continuing distrust of official numbers. Residents are reporting high levels of PTSD symptoms, and some feel that reports on radiation exposure, though independent, may not be thorough enough. “I think international organizations should stop making hasty reports based on very short visits to Japan that don’t allow them to see what is happening locally,” Tatsuhiko Kodama, head of the radioisotope centre at the University of Tokyo, told Nature.

Read more about how the Fukushima accident may be affecting wildlife, the changing reports of radioactive pollution, how scientists are using monkeys to track radiation, at http://classic.the-scientist.com/.

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Avatar of: Bob Tildesley

Bob Tildesley

Posts: 1457

May 24, 2012

There is continual radiation being dumped into the ocean and spewing into the air, with admission by TEPCO that there is no end in sight to it. It's good to know that nuclear radiation isn't harmful after all. Thank you WHO. Now I can get back to my dinner. (Two headed tuna from the Pacific ocean).

Avatar of: Willyum Ivy

Willyum Ivy

Posts: 1457

May 24, 2012

Wow. Really beyond the limits believable propaganda. Just tell us the flowers will be more colorfull, vegetables mutating increases nutrient content, radioactive oceans will help fish see at night. And,drum roll please, since radiation is used to kill cancer tumors in the body......... Fukushima will actually CURE ALL THE CANCERS IN THE WORLD  ..........

Avatar of: johnfryer


Posts: 11

May 25, 2012

I just read that the cleanup workers that are now dying like flies from leukemia is just a coincidence as it is way too soon for people to die from too much radiation from Fuku whatsit. (one year and a few months)

Now we see the risk of 400 tons of radioactive material is negligible.

So why did millions die after 0.001 tons were dropped on Japan so long ago?

Are we now a race of superbeings?

The death toll from Chernobyl is officiously given by the WHO and Atomic Energy Authorites as less than 100 if you add the totals together.

So where did the missing 10 000 000 Ukrainians go to in a country with a net influx of people since 1986?

Propaganda used to be believable but propaganda today seems to be to tell the biggest lies you can't imagine.

And these people are going to be ruling us for the next 20 years. I wonder what treats are in store for us? Just seen GMO wheat coming through the pipeline. Just as Chernobyl and Fuku ... improve on natures enrgy (The Sun) we are also getting the benefits of mans improvement on sugar (ASPARTAME) and also mans improvement on Natures food basket. Insects get a raw deal but fortunately superhuman people are immune it seems to bleeding deaths that GMO food does to harmful insects but spares all the good insects (the bee)

Now I just think I am stark raving MAD or the authorities that believe in GMO, aspartame and man made nuclear pollution.

Its a close call but no doubt PROPAGANDA has and always will PREVAIL.

Avatar of: androsace1


Posts: 1

May 28, 2012

We have seen the videos and noted the levels of radiation released, as documented by credible authorities. In light of the long-term results coming out of the studies of the impacts of Chernobyl, is it credible for any agency to say, at this point-in-time, that effects are likely to be negligible? This kind of hasty conclusion simply leads to a loss in credibility of those agencies and the fueling of speculation that these reports are an effort to cover up the facts.

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